Being a beauty blogger, even, ironically, a green beauty blogger, can be murder on the bank account. Each new release seems more tempting than the last despite things like rationality and an overflowing makeup drawer full of lipsticks in that exact same shade already. Wishlists and hauls are abound within the community, and posts about a brand new product get so many views. Add this to the fact that I already have the shopping addiction gene, and it’s the perfect storm for my own mindless consumerism, even if the brands I’m buying from are independent, cruelty free, and sustainable. (And, we’re moving house this year which just prompts a lust for every beautiful house-wear item on Pinterest). The beauty community is one built on spending, but I really don’t need or want any more pressure or encouragement to make my shopping addiction worse. It’s hard enough as it is to resist new, shiny things.

Needless to say, last year’s resolution to become a minimalist didn’t really pan out in all the ways I wanted it to.

BUT, I love to blog and share and Instagram and be a part of this community. I feel at a crossroads. How can I stay relevant without buying more? How can I keep people interested? When my posts about brand new Ilia lipsticks get the most views, will people enjoy a shift to still beautiful photos but with fewer new things in them? Will my old, trusted, and true lipsticks be enough to earn me likes and followers? Should I even care? (I know I shouldn’t).

Recently, I heard about the idea of an “anti-haul” and was immediately intrigued. The hilarious and insightful YouTuber Kimberly Clark started this novel “movement” about a year ago during the absolute insanity of beauty Holiday Release Season. Her now 9 videos on the topic are incredible. She lists and goes into detail about the products that she sings she’s “not gonna buy,” and I’ve loved watching every minute of them.

Maybe, there’s an answer to my dilemma?

I love beauty, and I love shopping, and I always will, but I know that a drawer full of nude/pink lipsticks isn’t going to enrich my life in the way that travel or a weekend spent with my friends and family will. I know that, yet I still shop. From years of experimenting, I honestly already have all of the products, skincare and makeup, that I love and that are effective for me. I truly don’t need anymore.

So, I’m going to try again to be a lot more particular about the beauty products I welcome into my life, and I’m going to keep praising and posting about old favorites because those things are the shiz. With the idea of the anti-haul, I feel like this will still give me products to talk about and to stay relevant with. And I want to post more fitness, lifestyle, recipe, and balance stuff, too. Clearly, it’s a transitional time what with my blog rebrand and all :). Oh, and I’m definitely going to do my very own anti-haul and include all the OTHER things I’ll be able to put that money toward while still being able to swipe on a coat of my favorite pink lipstick that I definitely don’t need to buy in the same shade just from the newest green beauty darling on the scene.

I would love to hear thoughts from other bloggers out there! How do you feel about the consumerism so intrinsically tied to being a part of the beauty community?