I’ve done some #treatmyself shopping just in time for the holidays. I had been eyeing some Kjaer Weis products for a while now, and I finally decided to pick up some more of their cream face range in the refill packaging. No doubt the full price Kjaer Weis packaging and compacts are incredible, but I’m trying to stick to a budget here ;).



I’ve dabbled in several highlighters, bronzers, and blushes, but there’s something undeniably special about this company. The quality is incomparable and the entire experience is luxurious, with our without the mirrored compact. These new additions to my collection did not disappoint.


The highlighter’s received rave reviews for being violet-toned, creamy, and sparkly. The holidays are the perfect time to make a statement with makeup and have a little fun, and that’s exactly what this is. I definitely prefer a cool-toned, silver highlighter to an overly gold one when my skin is paler in the winter, and this is that. Different from any other highlighter I’ve tried, the Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter has glitter and shimmer. It’s definitely bolder than RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer, which works more as a daytime highlighter and imparts a sheen from the coconut oil rather than actual glitter or shimmer in the product. The Radiance Highlighter should be reserved for night’s out when you really want to make an impact. The Living Luminizer can lack on delivering a BAM of glow, but there’s not risk of that here. It’s perfect for New Year’s!


The Dazzling Bronzer was released this summer, and I’ve been lusting after it. I don’t have a cream bronzer, and I wanted something simple and smooth to slap on in the mornings. I’m familiar with the texture of Kjaer Weis products, and I know they are so easy to apply and control the opacity of. I posted all about my favourite Red Lip Tint last Christmas. I scoured the internet for swatches for this bronzer, and I knew it was a nice shade without coming off too orange. It is the least opaque of the three face products and requires a few layers for the best colour payoff, but I prefer something buildable rather than something that’s too much upon first swipe. It’ll be a great for contouring and adding a bit of glow to my look over the holidays, and it’s super easy to travel with too.


Finally, the Cream Blush in Abundance. I’d already tried the cream blushes in Lovely and Desired Glow and loved both. The texture is perfect. It’s balanced between creamy and dewy without looking oily. It feels like it almost dries on the skin, but it’s not a cream-to-powder product. This shift in texture feels like the colour really locks into the skin and won’t bleed off or leave it feeling dry. I really liked the neutral look of this blush online, but it doesn’t work with my skin tone in person. It is the most opaque of the three, and on me the taupe/purple/grey shade looks muddy. I was disappointed at first, but I realized it makes the perfect cream eyeshadow colour instead. That smoky purple look works really well with my eyes. Make sure you look at the swatches below before you pick up Abundance. It definitely is not one of those universally flattering shade for blushes, but I think it will work really well on a different skin tone.

IMG_3996I think all of these products are perfect to create a fun and easy holiday look. The bronzer for contour, the highlight for a glow, and the blush used on the eyes for a subtle smoky look. The best part? I can apply all three with my fingers in a cinch. This makes them perfect for travel and super versatile. All I need now? The perfect holiday lip! Stay tuned for that….

What’s on your holiday makeup menu for your face? I picked these goodies up from Integrity Botanicals. Everyone gets 15% off his or her first order when you sign up for the company’s subscription email list. Have you tried and loved any of the beautiful Kjaer Weis face products above?