cleansing oil2

Oil cleansing is big in the green beauty community, and it’s even hit the mainstream. I’ve tried oil cleansing with jojoba oil in the past, but it broke me out. I tried really hard to use small amounts of the oil and to rinse it off really well, but there was always some residue left behind. Or, it the oil cleansing would work well for a week or two, then my skin would go nuts.

It left me wary of the oil cleansing in the future.

Then, the Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil was everywhere. I really like the One Love Organics brand, and I trusted the multitude of positive reviews online. So, I gave oil cleansing another shot, and I’m really glad I did.

cleansing oil

This oil is meant to wash away impurities and balance the pH of the skin. One of my favourite features is the fruit enzyme included in it that helps to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it so smooth. In addition, it doesn’t leave the skin tight, dry, or stripped feeling. And it smells like pineapples.

Compared to plain jojoba oil, I immediately noticed that the texture of this cleanser is more viscous. I love to apply it in the shower after the gym in the evening. First, I let the steam of the shower open up my pores and slowly massage this on my face and down my neck. I don’t use a full pump — I worry using too much product might clog my pores. I let the oil sit for a minute to work its magic. Then, I buff it away in circular motions with a konjac sponge.

cleansing oil1

It’s the first step in my double cleansing routine. After buffing the product off with a konjac sponge, I splash my face with my favourite toner. Then, I wipe down my face one more time with a muslin cloth. I find this really helps to remove all makeup and any leftover oil residue, but it doesn’t leave skin feeling overly scrubbed or irritated. Finally, I finish up my skincare routine with my mask of choice. Lately, I’ve been loving pairing this cleanser with the Tata Harper Purifying Mask.

If I skip the Elizabeth Dehn Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil, I notice a difference in the clarity and smoothness of my skin. The oil cleanser takes the day away and leaves me skin fresh and better able to absorb the benefits of the follow-up mask.

Have you tried this oil cleanser? Are you a fan of the oil cleansing method? If you’re in the market for this type of cleanser, I recommend no other products but this cleansing oil. It’s hands down the best one on the market.