The lovely Mercedes from the youtube channel lamouretlamusique inspired me with a recent video rave about her adoration of peach-colored things. In fact, I’m about to watch her April Favourites video after this and am sure I will have more to add to my wish list. Check her out! When this time of year rolls around, there really isn’t a better shade to achieve that warm, healthy glow than this combination of pink and orange. Since I’ve caught a bit of a cold, I can use all this healthy glow that I can get!


These days, I’ve been loving the peach offerings from 100% Pure. I have enjoyed many products from this company since my days of going green. The mascara was one of my first “green” products, and I still use it. I’ve already raved about one of the company’s Lip and Cheek Tints in Cranberry and also really like the blush Pot Rouge Blush in Posey, a bright pink. In addition to makeup, they also have awesome face and skincare products. My mom adores the cleansers, and I happily apply the body lotions and Coffee Bean Eye Cream regularly.

Due to my love for my first Lip and Cheek Tint, I picked up another. I got a lot of feedback that the peach glow shade was awesome, and it is. It’s creamy, it’s dewy but free of shimmer, and it smells absolutely delicious. All of 100% Pure‘s makeup smells great, like juicy fruit and berries. I don’t think the scent varies at all in terms of shade i.e. this tube doesn’t smell like peach and the cranberry one doesn’t smell like cranberry. They both smell awesome. Edible even.

I do a couple heavy swipes on my cheekbones and an extra dab on the apples of my cheeks for good measure. The product stays nice and creamy and doesn’t need to be warmed up beforehand, which adds to the easy application. The staying power is good too! It’s still visible after a full day of work. This is sheerer than the Lip Glaze, but I think this works best for a cheek and lip product. I rather build up a product than have to tone it down due to too much pigmentation.


The Lip Glaze in Peach is just as creamy but more opaque. It also smells great and is the perfect mix of pink and peach. The formula is very moisturizing and glides on easily with a ton of pigmentation. The swatch below resulted from only one application of this lipstick. The texture is a mix of lipgloss and lipstick. It’s definitely not goopy, but its finish is a bit shinier than a typical lipstick. It’s glossier than both an Ilia Lipstick and Red Apple Lipstick. The staying power, like most natural lipsticks, is not amazing. It slips off after eating, drinking, or a long amount of time. However, I am fine with it. I’ll take that con is the face of all the other pros.

Below, you can see how the tint is sheerer than the glaze.


Peach is such a universally flattering and fun shade for spring and summer! These two products do it right. They aren’t too orange or oddly neon; they strike the perfect peach balance and will be my go-tos this year. What are your go-to peach products?

Get your hands on some of these goodies before the company hikes up prices on Monday! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂 I’ve decorated, baked my first loaf of bread, and had some much needed sleep. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up with my daily green happenings, product swatches, and more!