purifying mask

Tata Harper is one of the best green beauty skincare brands on the market. With ingredients grown on its own farm in Vermont, the quality of end product is unparalleled and earns its high price tag.

purifying mask 1

I’ve tried a few Tata serums and cleansers over the years, but my favourite of all of its skincare is its masks. They are amazing. The Resurfacing Mask has been a staple of my routine for years.

purifying mask 2

So, when Tata Harper released its new Purifying Mask, I knew I had to try it.

This new mask is markedly different from the Resurfacing Mask‘s many varieties . This one is a purple, grey colour with a thick, paste-like texture and a bright, refreshing scent. Like with all Tata Harper masks, I love the way the mask is already wet and can be applied directly to the face without having to mix it up with a liquid. Powder masks are awesome because they last for a long time, but I don’t love mixing them with a liquid when I’m feeling lazy, which is more often than not.

With ingredients like kaolin clay, aloe, willow bark extract, and calendula to name a few, this mask is meant to cleanse the face of daily impurities. In the handy video on the website, Tata herself explains about the pollutants modern life exposes our skin to on the daily, and that she was inspired to create a product that would combat this exposure. It’s meant to be used and enjoyed every day to purify the skin of the grime and the effects of daily life.

purifying mask 3

I love this stuff. It smells great — refreshing and soothing all at once with hints of lavender and peppermint. Different from the Resurfacing Mask, it’s cooling to the skin upon application. And though it’s cooling, the sensation isn’t irritating or too intense.

I can leave this stuff on for hours with no problem, not that it’s recommended. It doesn’t leave my skin red, but it leaves it feeling refreshed, soft, and cleansed. I also think it helps improve the clarity of my skin. It just feels so good afterwards. It isn’t tight or stripped. It feels renewed like it can give a big sigh of relieve. Even if you’ve tried other Tata Harper masks, this one is a must-have addition to your collection of green beauty masks. Your skin will thank you.