IMG_4731The Tata Harper brand has always been known for its awesome skincare. With ingredients farmed in-house in Vermont, Tata uses only the best in her luxurious and effective products. I’ve used the Resurfacing Mask for years now and absolutely love it. I also love the scent of all the products. It’s bright, floral, and so fresh.

So, when the brand delved into the world of cream makeup, I was very intrigued. I’d tried and loved cream products from other brands, and I wondered what Tata Harper could bring to the table.


How does it compares to its Kjaer Weis and RMS Beauty cream product counterparts?


Texture: Of the three, Tata Harper products are definitely the dewiest and the most moisturizing. It leaves a distinct sheen to the skin. While I like the glowy look, if I wear too many of the products at one time, I can look oily. However, this extra hit of moisture adds a bit of plumpness to the skin, which I really like. I think there is credit to the “volumizing” claim in the title. This line is great for people with drier skin.

Pigmentation: I think Kjaer Weis has the best pigmentation of the three because its texture has the least slip. RMS Beauty and Tata Harper are the same in turns of colour-payoff. You’ll need to layer on product for the same intensity as Kjaer Weis, and a lot of the Tata Harper products are geared to produce a sheerer wash of colour.


Wear-time: Again, Kjaer Weis products have the longest wear-time on my skin, which leans on the oilier side. The Tata Harper Very Charming blush requires a good touch-up in the late afternoon.

ColoursTata Harper Very Charming Lip and Cheek Tint is a beautiful and wearable pink shade. It doesn’t lean too cool-toned, baby pink or orange. It’s very neutral and suitable for different skin tones.

One thing I really love about the Very Illuminating Highlighter is that it isn’t as silver or cool-toned as the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer. It’s a great, neutral highlighter if that makes sense. It isn’t too golden or too silver — it’s a perfect mixture of the two.


That Tata Harper Cosmetics origin in skincare is obvious and welcome. Being skincare first, these makeup products feel more nourishing and luxurious on the skin than their counterparts. There are a lot of green beauty cream makeup products to choose from on the market, but I do think Tata Harper has filled a void. Indulge in makeup that not only makes your skin look better on the surface, it actually improves it in the long run.

Have you tried Tata Harper Cosmetics?