It’s spring and that means a new and limited edition Ilia Beauty release. This new Lip Conditioner arrives just in time to celebrate Earth Day as well! Ilia collaborated with Grace Bonney from Design Sponge to create this bold, pink and berry-hued shade to complement a spring wardrobe and colour palette. If you haven’t already, check out Grace’s blog for design inspiration and awesome DIYs.


Ilia Beauty Pink Moon Lip Conditioner swatched with one swipe on top, and Arabian Knights swatched with multiple swipes below. Notice how it comes off pinker in the second photo; this second picture is truer to life, but the difference really demonstrates the chameleon-like nature of this shade!


At first glance, I was surprised by how red the lipstick bullet appeared. Online, the limited photos and swatches depict it as a muted pink with a hint of mauve. Half the time, I still can’t quite put my finger on this colour IRL, which can make it all the more intriguing or infuriating, you decide. Sometimes it does lean pink and mauve as the photo swatches online suggest, other times is looks very red, and still others its payoff is a deep raspberry. I sometimes think it could be a shade twin to Ilia’s Arabian Knights, and sometimes I don’t. It is definitely pink, but it is more raspberry-toned than I would have originally assumed based on swatches. I think a lot of the appearance depends on a person’s colouring; I’m looking forward to see how it comes off on others who have a different skin tone than my own. Since the internet is so lacking in depictions of this shade, I tried to do it as much justice as possible with these pictures.


It’s noticeably more opaque than other Tinted Lip Conditioners that I’ve tried, which is a great change. It’s pigmentation is comparable to the Ilia Lipstick, but this formula is still as moisturizing as all of the Lip Conditioners. In the past, I’ve commented on the lack of moisture in the lipsticks, and this formulation addresses that little hiccup and eliminates the issue. I’m curious as to how the chemists achieved the stronger colour payoff… These days, I’ve been applying it in a sheerer wash of colour to add a bit of brightness and intrigue on sunny spring days.

Hope you’ve found these photos and first impression helpful! Are you going to check out this limited edition shade? Click here to check it out!