Highlighters abound in both the conventional and natural beauty world, and RMS Beauty makes some of the best. Its Living Luminizer is one of  the best green beauty highlighters around and imparts a gorgeous, natural sheen to the skin.

So, when they released a rose gold variation, I knew I had to get my hands on the Master Mixer.


Compared to the Living Luminizer, the Master Mixer has more shimmer. The glitter is very fine, but it’s glitzier for summertime, though I definitely think you can transition this product into fall and winter. It’s got beautiful flecks of gold and rose throughout.

The texture is emollient and glossy. The base of RMS Beauty products is coconut oil, which gives it an added sheen. It glides on easily, and isn’t overly pigmented. I like applying a few layers to achieve my ultimate glow-level. On the skin, it imparts a golden reflection that has some depth thanks to the shimmer. Since it isn’t as silvery as the Living Luminizer, I think it’s more versatile. I love applying this to my cheekbones but also my eyelids. It looks great and natural as a cream eyeshadow. It’s lasting power isn’t the greatest, so I find myself wanting to reapply near the end of the day.


It’s definitely different enough from other highlighters to merit purchase, especially if you’re a rose gold lover. You can pick up the Master Mixer at the RMS Beauty website and get your glow on.