I bought the RMS Beauty Contour Bronze when it was first released, and you can see the full review of it here. I love the product and think it’s a wonderful cream bronzer/contour shade, especially when I’ve got more color on my face in the warmer months. However, I’ve been getting really into more golden/peach/orange-based blush shades and color on my cheeks as of late, and the Contour Bronze doesn’t work to fit that bill.

Now, I’d held off on picking up the RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer for a long time because I’d read it leaned red or warm on some people, and at the time I was wrongly staying away from warmer tones and now know that I in fact have warm undertones!

I picked up the Buriti Bronzer in December, and I’ve worn it almost daily ever since.

It’s the perfect warm brown shade that adds life and vitality back to my face. It creates an instant appearance of health when I’m looking particularly pale and pinched.

Both shades have a wonderful iridescence and glossiness to them, which I LOVE. The Contour Bronze has a nice gold shine and looks a teeny bit cooler in tone. The Buriti Bronzer is warm, coppery goodness! I also think both look beautiful applied as an eyeshadow.

My final thoughts? For me and my skin tone, I am happy to have both in my makeup bag since they’re so different. Both are good investments.

What are your thoughts? Have you tried the RMS Beauty bronzing products?