In addition to being a fantastic makeup and skincare brand, RMS recently released a line of tools called skin2skin. I’m not a makeup brush fanatic, but these looked unique, I love RMS, and I wanted to give them a try. I picked up the skin2skin Foundation Brush and the skin2skin Blush Brush.

First, they are shorter than typical brushes with chic, matte metal handles. In terms of application, the shorter height doesn’t cause a big difference in use for me; however, I am no makeup or brush expert. Most of the times, I’m cool with slapping on product with fingertips and lax at keeping my beauty tools clean. I’ve been trying my best to pamper these, though :).

I think the height does allow the brush to be more precise, but not by much. The next thing I noticed was the bristles. The skin2skin Foundation Brush is like nothing I’ve even seen before. The bristles swirl around in a mesmerizing spiral; hairs jut up at different heights and angles and in different colours, pink and white, to aid in a perfect mold to the skin. This design is especially beneficial for concealer, or cream product, application. The unique brush shape blends product into every awkward nook and cranny. I love to pair it with my beloved RMS Un Cover-Up. Another thing I’ve learned, I really like to spritz these brushes with a toner before use. The bristles and application are more flawless with a bit of moisture. I find it better picks up the product.


The skin2skin Blush Brush is more typical in shape and appearance aside from the muted pink bristles, which are so whimsical and signature to the brand. The only downside of the pink color? It makes it difficult to determine how much pink blush you’ve got on the brush!

Again, these brushes work best with cream products. I don’t think the dense, almost waxy-textured bristles would work well with powder, which makes sense as they were curated to match with RMS’s cream product line. I liberally spritz this brush with toner and dip it into all of my cream blush products. The shape makes it almost like a stippling brush, and I’m surprised how well this smoothes and blends blush into the skin. It imparts a dewy, natural application. I prefer it to any other brush for cream product application. I highly recommend it!


Are you a beauty tool junkie? These are a luxurious addition to a collection and a must if you are a cream product junkie. If I had to pick between the two, I prefer the skin2skin Blush Brush simply because I rarely apply a full face of foundation, and I use cream blushes nearly every day.

Have you tried the skin2skin range?