Pressed powder products are hard to find in the world of green beauty. I’d dabbled in the Alima Pure and written a post about these Silk Naturals loose powder eyeshadows, but they are fussy to work with. Thankfully, pressed powder shadows are now on the market, and I’ve tried the two most popular offerings, Kjaer Weis and Red Apple Lipstick. Here are the reasons that the Red Apple Lipstick eyeshadows are my favourite. If you’re curious, here’s an overview of my thoughts on the Kjaer Weis eyeshadows.


Price: These are more affordable. And, the lower price tag doesn’t have any correlation to a lower quality. These out-perform the Kjaer Weis shadows.

Size and Packaging: For a lower price, you get more product! Also, the Red Apple Lipstick packaging is pre-magnetized so that all you have to do is plop them into a z-palette, and they’re snug and secure. Some might find the lack of packaging with these shadows and necessity of a z-palette annoying, but I prefer it. I rather have all of my eyeshadows packaged together than in individual, bulky packaging. Plus, Red Apple Lipstick offers deals for filling its customized, apple-covered z-palette. The palette is the perfect size for nine of its shadows.

Colour Selection: Red Apple Lipstick has way more colour variety than Kjaer Weis. Not only does it offer neutrals, there are bold blues, purples, and greens. I like a subdued look, but I also want the option for a funner and riskier look.


Texture: I think the texture of the Red Apple Lipstick shadows is smoother. Aside from the shade in Yes You Canyon, which applies patchy, both the mattes and shimmers glide on easily.

Wear-time: These can fade over time, but that’s an aspect of greener beauty selections. I think applying a primer or finishing spray will help to extend the lifespan of the product.

Pigmentation: You can play around with these shadows’ intensity, but they are packed with pigmentation. Also, the fallout during application isn’t bad.

red apple eyeshadows

The swatch photo quality isn’t the greatest, but I love the warm selection of shadows that I’ve picked up from the collection. I’ve finally figured out that my skin tone is warm and not cool. All of these shades flatter my green eyes and freckles. From left to right, the colours are Sand Castle, Golden Ticket, Lucky Penny, Sugar & Spice, Down to Earth, Bronze Bombshell, Yes You Canyon, That’s My Jam, and Vamp. Sand Castle is the perfect all over the lid colour that isn’t too shimmery with a hint of pink. I also adore Sugar & Spice. It’s the perfect blend of bronze and orange that creates a great transition colour for the outer corners of the eyes or as a hint of colour on the lids. With the red and warm eyeshadow trend on the horizon, I highly recommend checking out these shades!

Have you tried these eyeshadows? What do you think of their quality?