A few months ago, the UK brand Odylique reached out to me to test out some products. I’ve tried out these goodies for a while and feel confident to present my thoughts to you today! I picked out a cleanser, a clarifying serum, a moisturizing serum, a rich moisturizer, and (of course) a lipstick. Read on to learn my thoughts on this great brand!

Odylique recently celebrated its arrival in the North American market. I had heard about the products through the green beauty community, but I did not realize the scope of its offerings. It not only produces a facial skincare line, but makeup, mom and baby-centered skincare, and whole body care as well. It has also garnered several awards and impressive certifications like Soil Association Organic and Fair-trade certified and best in beauty from several green and non-green beauty sources. I happily clicked and scrolled through the site to select what most intrigued me. The bestsellers page was extremely helpful.

Silk-Touch Cleanser – I’ve had a very positive experience with other oil cleansers, so I wanted to give Odylique’s cleanser a go. I do enjoy the different, gel cleanser texture of the product as compared to other oil-based cleansers of the same vein, and the scent is very fresh, herbal, and pleasant. I have mostly been using it to remove eye makeup, and it works well, but it has not taken the place of my much-loved One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, which I think removes makeup a bit better.

Spot on Serum – If you have troubled skin, it feels like you can never have enough emergency spot serums on hand. This gel serum smells like lavender and a bit antiseptic. I really wanted to like it, but the inclusion of coconut oil and coconut oil-based ingredients just do not sit well with my skin! However, I think the ingredients are lovely and it would work for someone who does not have a coconut oil sensitivity.

Ultra Rich Balm – I’m also a sucker for rich, moisturizing balm formulations, especially to keep my hands hydrated and soft. I liked this product, but it isn’t a love. My favourite balm product of all time is the Zoe Organics Cream, which is in another realm entirely in terms of its moisturizing capabilities. This balm is a bit too oily for me and doesn’t penetrate or absorb as well into the skin as my favourite, though it still does add moisture and hydration.

Superfruit Concentrate -I actually received this from Ru in the Christmas swap and have been applying it to my forehead, nose, temples, and upper cheeks since for daytime. I do like this product a lot! It’s very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling dewy and supple for daytime and is full of gorgeous oils and fruit extracts. The slight orange tint also adds a nice radiance and glow to my overall appearance before any application of makeup. I would definitely recommend checking out the sample size! I have never experienced another product that can add an instant brightening glow to the skin.

Essential Care Mineral Lipstick in Rose Parfait – I did not expect to be wowed at all by this product, but I was very wrong. I love everything about this lipstick. It is so moisturizing, it doesn’t have a matte or glossy finish, it smells like chocolate, and this shade is the perfect my-lips-but-better colour. It’s also certified by the Soil Association and meets Fair-trade standards and is made with recyclable packaging made from recycled food material like dextrose derived from corn. Can it get any better? I flipping love it. I am a lip product addict, and I am almost halfway done with this tube! That’s some seriously high praise! It is more moisturizing than Ilia products, but it is not as shiny or glossy as the moisturizing Red Apple Lipstick. It is more akin to the texture and feel of a lip balm than any other lip colour that I’ve tried. I literally cannot rave about it enough and highly recommend you give this a try if you are looking for the perfect, girly, ad neutral lipstick. It’s great on every level and truly feels like moisturizing skincare for the lips.

Will you check out Odylique now that it’s finally reached North American shores?