Ummm…how is it already November? I feel like it was sweltering just last weekend. Actually, it was sweltering just last weekend. Nearly overnight Nashville has been plunged into the beginnings of winter. Winter is coming. I have yet to decide whether this is a good thing. One definite plus? Death to all bugs!

This month has been somewhat rough. I’m feeling burnt out job wise, and I have been eating/balancing things poorly. November shall be the month of health and balance! Or…I will try to make it so!


There have been some definite faves this month that reflect the change in season. First up? Lip products of course.



There’s a definite trend towards berry/purple/red hues and solid proof of an Ilia Beauty addiction. Bang Bang is a tried and true favourite: a sheerer wash of pinky red. Next, check out this in depth post on my lip colour of choice for fall, Lust for Life. It is the ultimate autumn berry shade. Another great product for those intimidated by red liptsticks is Tata Harper’s Lip Treatment in Be Adored. It is the perfect just-bitten, raspberry colour for this time of year. Plus, it makes your lips so soft and plump. An unexpected favourite? The Ilia Beauty Lipstick in Around the World. I am genuinely surprised by how much I love this colour! It looks frightening in the tube, but it is instantly brightening and flattering once applied. It is hard to describe…I think the addition of purple makes it a fall appropriate pink and almost mauve-y. It’s a great daytime shade and almost like a brighter/pinker version of the Lipstick Crayon in Dress You Up.  Also, it has been really long wearing. I rarely need to reapply during the day at work!



I’ve already mentioned two of these favourites in other posts. The 100% Pure Lip & Cheek Tint in Cranberry is the perfect product to create a cold weather flush and Haut Cosmetics Aloe Cream Tint in He’s The One is the prettiest pale pink. I haven’t posted about this, but I have a new favourite highlighter, Brija Cosmetics Stolen Luxury Highlighter. It smells like vanilla and creates the ultimate subtle golden glow. There isn’t any chunky glitter, and I love the tube applicator. Plus, it is budget friendly!



Like I mentioned above, it’s cold! In the colder months, I gravitate towards wet masks and lots of hand cream. I know Bija Body is no longer in business, but I have been using the Bedside Manner Lip + Hand Treatment constantly. It is thick, oily, and nourishing. I definitely need to wait a few minutes to touch anything after use. In addition, Gressa Skin so generously offered free pumpkin peel masks with orders. This mask is the epitome of fall: luscious, brightening, and pumpkin! It leaves my skin baby smooth.



This has been much-praised and it’s well deserved. I’ve tried a few natural dry shampoos now, and One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo is definitely my favourite. First off, it smells like pineapple. Second, it doesn’t leave my hair overly chalky or filmy like some others. Finally, it does an excellent job at absorbing oil while not stripping my hair. I love it! It is like a time saver in a bottle during my rushed mornings.



Zoya is my polish brand of choice. This month, the deep red wine colour Paris has been my go-to shade. It is the ultimate fall colour in my opinion. It’s a gorgeous deep hue without being black.

What have you been loving this month? Any products that you’ve tried or are on your wishlist?? Are you making any untimely November resolutions like me?