I have joined up with lovely other green bloggers to participate on a spending band for the month of January thanks to the lovely Paula at Naturally Paula. Please click the link if you’ve yet to check out her blog! Yes, we are banding together in support to stop ourselves from relentless spending and to start using up our stashes. The rules? Subscription boxes, PR products/samples, and repurchase of an empty product are allowed – and nothing else. She’s got a great slew of great post ideas too, so look forward to #NoBuyJanuary themed posts coming your way every Friday 🙂

I’m starting my participation of with a DIY post. DIYing is awesome. My mom and I gifted lots of body butters and lip balms for Christmas and family are overwhelmingly requesting our recipes and secrets. It’s easy, it’s affordable – sometimes free, and it makes you self-sufficient and completely in control of your products. Here are all my favourite recipes, that I use and have made myself, for going DIY with your beauty. Each title will be the link to the recipe.

1. Deodorant – This is probably my favourite DIY recipe ever. It smells absolutely intoxicating and is gender-neutral. Plus, this stuff just plain works. It works! I literally will never buy a deodorant again. Try it and tell me what you think!!!

2. Toothpaste – This comes thanks to a favourite blogger AshleysGreenLife. It seems weird to make your own toothpaste and I am often skeptical about the claims of homegrown dental knowledge, but I do like the way this recipe turned out and I use this toothpaste 80% of the time. It definitely tastes salty due to the baking soda, but the peppermint extract and xylitol do help to even out the flavour, though flavour is not my major concern. It leaves my mouth feeling just as clean as any conventional paste and the recipe fills almost an entire 4 oz. jar. Try it!

3. Lip Balm – I gifted this lip balm to tons of people and they all want to know the recipe! Life in Blush is a great blog that I’ve mentioned on here before and this recipe churned out six 2 oz. tins of product. It is so great and easy to make. I’m definitely going to make more in a wider variety of flavours. Lavender mint for summer anyone? There are definitely a bajillion other lip balm recipes out there too – just search it in google! This is just the one I’ve done myself and like.

4. Whipped Coconut Body Butter – The creator of the recipe video for this is done by Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa from her site Raddest Mom! Who knew? This product is a delightful texture and literally the easiest thing in the world to make. If you have egg beaters and coconut oil – you are set to creating your own luxurious, whipped body moisturizer. I’m pretty sure 99.9% of you reading have that somewhere in your place right now. What are you waiting for?

5. Chocolate Peppermint Body Butter – I came across this recipe right before the holidays thanks to the beautiful Kassie from Cloudy Apples courtesy of Mommypotamus and I love it. It’s slightly more involved than the body butter recipe above, but it’s worth it. It literally smells like mint chocolate and you’ll probably have to restrain yourself from wolfing it down just like me. Or maybe you’ve got more self control? It’s got cocoa powder in it which also lends a slight bronzing effect to the skin. How awesome is that? I also gifted this to some friends for the holidays!

6. Dry Shampoo Powder – The inspiring Beauty by Britanie posted this recipe and I made it immediately. Again, super easy, a theme with this post, and effective. I pop it on my hair at least once a week as I’m fond of not showering. I love the idea of adding cocoa powder to tone down the white hue of the corn starch/arrowroot powder. There’s no need to buy this stuff when you can make it so easily and on the cheap at home!

7. Apple Cider Vinegar & Coconut Milk Hair Rinse – Most people know of the first recipe where you simply use apple cider vinegar in place of conditioner. Basically, add one tablespoon of acv for one cup of water. Make sure the acv is evenly dispersed and then dump the whole thing on your head, working it through your hair, in the shower then rinse out. Mine is classy style inside an old Kevita bottle. Simple, simple, simple. The coconut milk rinse is a mask coming at you from the ingenious Minimalist Beauty. Her site is full of ideas for downsizing everything in your life and diys. Perfect for this month!

8. Perfume Oil – There are exact measurements of the safe amount of essential oil to carrier oil and I really like the link above from mountainroseherbs. They are a great tool and authority for diy products and tips. Perfume is super easy to make and customize once you get the hang of it. Definitely cheaper than the many high end $100+ green brands out there.

9. Beet Cheek & Lip Stain – Ok, I thought the whipped coconut butter was the easiest recipe of the batch, but I’m wrong. It’s this one. Literally, buy a beet, cut off a little sliver, and put the rest in the fridge. Rub the beet sliver with caution along your cheeks and lips until you achieve the desired opacity. That is all. Hello?!?! Could it be any simpler?!?!

10. Kohl Eyeliner – This is one I have never personally tried…the only one out of the bunch. Bea from the Zero Waste Home is a trustworthy authority on this stuff, however, and it’s what she uses in place of conventional eyeliner. Again, a one ingredient product that only requires the powder dumped in a jar and a brush for application. You’ll probably have to be slightly more diligent to prevent smudging though.

11. Bronzer – This recipe is another favourite of mine. I use my bronzer everyday and I absolutely love it. This recipe yielded at least 2 oz. of product, but definitely more I’m just not sure exactly how much. I must’ve made it over two years ago and it’s still going strong. Plus, it smells absolutely delicious and edible with ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cocoa. It came out the identical shade to my Alima Pure bronzer.

So there you have it, my first contribution to No Buy January!!! Hope you guys enjoyed this. I love learning about new DIYs, experimenting with recipes, and discovering new things. Any DIYs you absolutely swear by that I need to know? Please tell me! And link to your #NoBuyJanuary posts below. We can do this!!!