Instagram Fitness

Maintaining a New Year’s resolution, especially a fitness related one, can be tough. It can be even more so if you aren’t seeing immediate results. Motivation can begin wane and even putter out, and that feeling can be pretty bad. I’ve found myself here on more than one occasion, and with my wedding on the horizon, I’m feeling extra pressure to look my best.

If you find yourself in this type of fitness slump, then get ready for some serious inspiration. Thank you, Internet, not just for funny cat videos, but for giving me instant access to actual useful information. In our day and age, you don’t have to rely on a pricey personal trainer to get in seriously good shape. My wallet is forever grateful. Today, the body transformation we so desire is at our fingertips. Want a great lower body workout? Simply search for a #legworkout hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, scroll through Pinterest, or go old school by using Google. The same goes for finding some awesome fitness enthusiasm.

When it comes to working out and getting fit, visuals and pictures have been the most effective motivation for me. They’re worth their thousand words and then some. Thanks to our selfie culture, there’s a ton of self-made fitness gurus online. Seriously you could spend an entire day sifting through Instagrams, Twitter accounts, Youtube, blogs, etc. Luckily, I’ve done the work for you and whittled a list down to my top five favourite fitness Instagrams. They guarantee instant access to everything your yearning-to-bit-fit heart desires. Read on to find your perfect match. There’s a bit of something for everyone.

Tone It Up  – This one’s for the girls. These two best friends are California through and through and have created a self-made fitness empire with legions of devoted fans. I love their positivity and focus on female friendship and empowerment. Plus, it doesn’t help that they both look awesome and strong in bikinis and workout gear. They post slices of California life, recipes, workouts, transformations, and other fun and inspiring snippets from members of the community. Their energy is infectious! I dare you to scroll through and feel absolutely zero inspiration to get moving. They will make you excited to get up off the couch.

Blogilates – Again, Cassey Ho will appeal to the ladies out there. She posts awesome workout, outfit, and recipe pictures on the regular. I love getting a peek into the life of a fitness instructor and Internet phenomenon. With her challenging and free workout videos, Cassey has amassed quite the loyal following online. She inspires me to get excited about healthy eating and trying out a new and killer ab routine. She’ll make you excited about eating yogurt and fruit by serving it up real pretty. Heck, she’ll make you excited about eating bran. She is that awesome.

Fitness Blender – This is for the guys and the girls! Kelli and Daniel are a husband and wife team who post their no-nonsense workouts online. These workouts are tough, guys. Their Instagram is full of motivating and encouraging messages and snapshots of really effective exercises, movements, and body transformations. When I’m feeling particularly bored with a workout or don’t know what to do at the gym, I head to their account and find a new workout to try in minutes. They will kick your butt, and you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to do it. It’s no gym required, so there are no excuses.

12 Minute Athlete – I’m really into strong trainers, especially strong female trainers. I’m also into efficiency. Krysta Stryker devises some of the most torturous at home workouts that test both your cardio and your strength. Yes they’re a bit cruel and unusual, but they’re only twelve minutes long. You can do anything for twelve minutes, right? That’s the idea. If I’m complaining and feeling lazy, I just take a look at her account. She makes me want to be tough. She is so strong, and her workouts are so basic but effective. She’ll definitely get you out of a workout slump.

Nikki Blackketter – Nikki trains for fitness competitions. She used to be obsessed with cardio, but she’s converted to the world of weightlifting. Along with her very athletic boyfriend, Nikki just looks awesome. She’ll inspire you to squat until the cows come home because it has done some wonders for her physique. She also posts super tough weightlifting workouts. I love that she lifts, but she isn’t the dreaded “bulky” so many girls seem to fear. She’ll make you feel confident enough to pick up some dumbbells and maybe even a bar next time you hit up the gym. I like to look at her pictures when I need some motivation to get moving and need to get a workout in.

Any of your faves I forgot? Let me know!