(photo credit to Lauren Burkitt, Integrity Botanicals, and Target).


It’s my first anti-haul, and I am excited for it. Some disclaimers — keep in mind that these are products I am personally choosing not the buy, though they are the most tempting to me. There are plenty of other releases/hyped products I could focus on, but I’m not intrigued by or coveting them, so I don’t see a reason to focus on them for my personal, anti-haul needs. Also, note that the products listed below are not part of this anti-haul because they’re not good. They’re a part of this anti-haul because I do not need them.

I don’t need them, and I’m not going to buy them. (All credit to Kimberly Clark for these catchphrases).

1. W3LL PEOPLE (now at Target) duos – Man. This, especially the bronzer and highlighter duo, is TOUGH to resist because 1) it’s so much more easily accessible at Target and 2) it’s a pretty legit price ($24.99) for both a green beauty, high quality bronzer and highlighter. And, I mean, it’s so easy to justify another one of these products in my life. But, I have a lot of beautiful, perfect, flattering bronzers and highlighters in my collection already that I love. So, I’m not going to buy this. But, I do love your mascara, W3LL PEOPLE! Oh, and if you’re new to the green beauty scene and don’t have a bronzer or a highlighter, I would definitely recommend you do buy this product.

2. Mahalo Skincare Products – People in the #greenbeauty world are INTO Mahalo. To me, they’re like the new May Lindstrom on the scene because they’re marketed as a super luxe skincare brand with beautiful ingredients. With the gorgeous, colorful balms, pretty packaging, and prevalence all over Instagram, this brand is very intriguing. The masks are the things that speak to me the most. I can always do with a new, fun mask on the scene. One effective way I’m able to resist buying any Mahalo is I recently tried samples of the Petal Mask and Pele Mask through the Detox Market, and honestly I was not that impressed. Neither of them really seemed to do anything for my skin. My skin didn’t look clearer or really feel more noticeably moisturized, but I don’t really struggle with dry skin. The May Lindstromhe Clean Dirt, for me, is way more effective at keeping my skin clear and a tried and true favorite. I also adore the S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask (so effective at keeping skin clear and SO AFFORDABLE), and the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask for clarifying purposes. I prefer the Tata Harper Purifying or Resurfacing Mask to the Petal. I also love this lesser-known Chocolate and Collagen Mask from Prada Lab (so affordable) for keeping my skin clear and smooth. I’ll be sticking with those. I also post my daily AM and PM skincare on my Instagram Story if you’re curious about my skincare faves for clear, smooth skin.

3. Leahlani Skincare – Leahlani seems like the more affordable version of Mahalo, and #greenbeautybloggers are really into this line too. I’ve only tried the Mermaid Mask, and I wasn’t very impressed by it. For my sensitive and breakout-prone skin type, it just did nothing for me and may have even caused some breakouts. I prefer a plain, manuka honey mask. They also have some nice-looking powder masks, but I really don’t need any more. I’ve found my faves already <3.

4. Generally, I just need to avoid getting sucked in by overpriced and over-hyped masks.

WHAT I’LL USE THE MONEY FOR INSTEAD! Now for the reward part of this whole abstaining thing, and where these freed funds will be going – house savings, credit card debt, better groceries, and getting my nails done next month. I’m always down for getting quality food in lieu of non-necessities (like beauty products) and am going to put forth more effort into cooking this month. Look for some recipe inspiration on Instagram!

I’m sure there will be plenty of new releases to talk about once Spring gets into full swing! Did you enjoy my first anti-haul? Are there any things you’re not going to buy this season?