Toners can seem like an unnecessary step in a skincare routine, but since I went green, I have incorporated a moisturizing and refreshing spray into my life morning and night.

I’ve tried toners from all ends of the spectrum: budget, luxury, moisturizing, clarifying, astringent, gentle. I’ve tried a lot and liked many. Now, I only use one, the Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator.


I’d heard a lot about this product, and the reviews were always awesome. I’d heard that it smells amazing, that the packaging creates the perfect mist, and that it primes skin perfectly before makeup. I can now confirm all of the above.

Before Christmas, I stumbled upon the Toronto location of The Detox Market and could not have been more excited. There was all of my wish list laid out before me. I wasted no time watching, sniffing, and applying everything. It was heavenly.

Two brands I’ve been wanting to try (more of) are Josh Rosebrook and MV Organics, so I slathered on a bunch of their skincare offerings. The Hydrating Accelerator was in my sights, and I sprayed liberally. The first thing of note is the smell. It is infectious. It smells like sweet marshmallows and vanilla, and I just love it. It instantly makes me feel calm and pampered.


Next, the application. As many have remarked, this produces the nicest, finest mist of any other toner out there. It coats the skin, leaving it dewy and refreshed. I indulge in at least five spritzes and inhale. It adds a moment of peace and luxury to my routine with no effort. I just spritz this on and feel instantly renewed.

Finally, the ingredients. All of the brand’s high quality and pure ingredients are chosen to soothe and heal the skin. It increases skin’s plumpness and also helps open up cells to allow other products and serums to better absorb and become more effective. It complements any skincare routine. This toner definitely soothes my skin and adds some serious hydration. My skin feels plumper and comfortable after applying. It combats that tight, dry feeling you can experience after cleansing and adds back some serious moisture, especially if the skin feels squeaky clean or stripped.

Another one of my favorite things about this product is that compared to other high-end toners, this is affordable. Some super pricey toners can cost up to $100, but this retails for less than $40. It’s also reasonable because I use it everyday, and I don’t skimp, but there is still two thirds of the bottle left.

Overall, if you’re minimizing your routine and bevy of products, this is without a doubt the toner I would recommend for you. It’s soothing, it’s seriously hydrating, and it’s affordable.

Have you tried the Hydrating Accelerator?