Everybody knows…you’ve got to wear SPF to keep looking young and protect your skin. Sure, it’s not as catchy as The Beach Boys, but it is an important tenet of skincare and health. Now that spring his upon us along with new beauty releases, Ilia Beauty has embraced the power of SPF with its Tinted Lip Conditioner launches. Kokomo immediately caught my eye, and I picked it up from Ilia‘s website.


Though the packaging has changed colour, Ilia has maintained its metal, hefty texture and weight. The new tube shade makes it so much easier to pick out from my other Ilia Lip Conditioners and Lipsticks, and I love that. I’m going to focus on the differences in shade for the rest of this post, and I feel like a broken record talking about this product’s texture and performance because I’ve done it many times before. Check out my Ilia Lip Conditioner post for a refresh on the awesome moisture and sheen of these lipsticks!


The shade is described as a rosey mauve, and it applies sheer as do the earlier Tinted Lip Conditioners. I love this subtle, elegant shade and knew it would be perfect and fresh for spring. To me, it’s a gentler version of Ilia Beauty’s Dress You Up Lip Crayon. In comparison to Dress You Up, Kokomo‘s texture is glossier and less pigmented.


I swatched other Ilia Beauty shades that I think are most similar in hue to Kokomo. Above (and below) is Kokomo swiped on top with Dress You Up Lip CrayonNobody’s Baby Lip Conditioner, and then In My Room Lipstick underneath. It is pinker than Nobody’s Baby Lip Conditioner, which pulls more peach. However, it isn’t as pink as In My Room Lipstick. It falls in the middle of that mauve, purple, pink, and brown mix that is so in right now. Unlike some of the other mauve and rose tones on the market, Kokomo doesn’t make me look dead or have too much brown undertone, which makes it so perfect for spring and summer. It is a fresh version of this trendy neutral.


Have you had a chance to check out Ilia’s Spring 2016 SPF Collection? Head over to Ilia’s Website or The Detox Market to peruse the entire range and pick up Kokomo to keep your lips hydrated, protected, and on trend this spring!