The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders are huge in the conventional beauty community. They are a beautiful, fine-milled product that produces a “lit from within” glow that isn’t cakey or glittery. They’re awesome, and there hasn’t been their equal in the natural beauty world. That is, until now.

Honest Beauty launched about six months ago, and I’ve tried out a few of its products. I’ve been impressed by some, but I was most intrigued by the Luminizing Powders.  Described as a “silky, baked powder that gives skin an instant, healthy-looking glow,” I felt like it could be the answer to the Hourglass products that I’d been searching for. There are three shades of the powder, and online swatches were scarce, but I went for it anyway. This is what I discovered.


The texture is silky. It’s a soft, baked sphere sitting in a plastic, mirror compact (I don’t like the mirrored packaging because it’s constantly smudged by my fingers). The product smoothes onto the skin and applies evenly, and it doesn’t have a scent. It’s so easy to swirl a large powder or blush brush in the product and sweep it all over cheeks, temples, and down the nose. I love how easy these are to use.

First, I went for the bronzer and highlighter shades. Incorrectly, I assumed the golden shimmer shade wouldn’t suit me, and I’d been searching for a pressed powder bronzer and was immediately drawn to it.

Dusk Reflection, the closest to a bronzer shade, is now my least-used of the three. Compared to the others, it doesn’t have the same luminescence. That’s most apparent in the finger swatch below. Notice how the other shades shine, but the dusk reflection shade is matte. Because of this, it works better as a contour or to add a splash of colour, and I mean just a splash. This shade will work best with fairer skin tones. Compared to my favourite colour, Dawn Reflection, it doesn’t have great pigmentation. I feel like I have to apply a few heavy-handed swipes of this to get real colour payoff. There are much better bronzers out there, and I would skip out on this offering.

Midnight Reflection seemed like it could be a powder version of the RMS Beauty Living LuminizerLuminizer. It’s a very similar shade and is more cool-toned than golden. It swatches really well on my finger, but I don’t think it has the best colour payoff either for a highlighter. In terms of appearance of highlighter on my skin, I want something more pigmented than this but less pigmented than say the Kjaer Weis Radiance Highlighter for everyday. The Living Luminizer achieves this balance and intensity that I’m looking for and talking about. Plus, I think cream products better complement a highlighter because they impart a sheen and dewiness. Midnight Reflection seems to disappear once you blend it in, so it also requires layers of application or a really intense amount that isn’t very blended out to look good, which looks streaky. Though the texture is nice and this looks great in the pan, there are a lot of better highlighters.


Now, onto the thing you need to buy. Slightly disappointed with the other colours, I picked up the golden, shimmery Dawn Reflection, mostly because I didn’t own a gold-toned highlighter. I wasn’t expecting much.

I. love. this.

It delivers where the other two don’t: pigmentation. With only 1-2 sweeps, my face is glowing perfection. It isn’t too shimmery, it doesn’t increase the look of pores, and it goes well over any other makeup such as cream blush, powder blush, foundation, and contour/bronzer. It complements every look, especially at this time of year. I talk about how I love to use it to achieve my everyday glow here. This is the Ambient Lighting Powder realness I was talking about! Finally, a natural equivalent. All in all, this is the one that you should pick up.

Have you tried these Luminizing Powders? What did you think? Do you like what Honest Beauty has to offer so far?