So, I’ve been failing at posting to the blog lately and at posting anywhere in general. I love green beauty, but I just haven’t felt as inspired or invested as my interests shift more towards the health and wellness side of living green and further away from the material side of it. I feel like I already have all of the makeup I would ever really want or need, and I don’t really want anymore. Somedays, I prefer to forego makeup altogether in lieu of a focus on skincare. It’s pretty hard to post about makeup when you aren’t wearing any 😜. Maybe I’ll just stick to skincare? I’m still into checking out some of the newer masks out there.

I still love love love to write, and I started this blog as a place to nerd out about my passions and hobbies. I’m not sure if a shift to writing about fitness or recipes would be welcome, though, since I developed my audience mainly through my beauty posts. But, I started this blog almost seven years ago, so it’s only natural that my interests would begin to change, right? At the moment, I’m honestly just pretty into sunglasses and getting myself back into some kind of shape and sharing that journey with healthy-focused eating and fitness and feeling your best that’s actually do-able for someone with a full-time job and with a penchant for green living 😎, but I’m afraid to change the focus of my posts. Any other bloggers out there ever face this dilemma?

Anyway, I’m continuing to figure out how to make sure this blog grows and changes along with me. For today’s post, these questions have been rattling around my brain for a little while, so why not spread a new Q & A around the community? The questions and answers aren’t meant to reward or to promote “green living perfection” by any means. I’m genuinely curious about how others grapple with these issues that I struggle with myself. I’m excited to see your answers!

1. What does a “green lifestyle” mean to you? Has that idea evolved for you over the years?

It’s definitely evolved for me over the years as I’ve evolved from a college student dependent on my family to an adult with a job and a budget to deal with. Now, I define it as being aware and informed. If you are able to afford it, you have the opportunity every day to make a choice that’s better for you and for the environment, and we’re fortunate enough to live in a time when so many fabulous, green alternatives are available and becoming more affordable and accessible.

2. What do you love most about the green beauty and living community?

I love how accepting and positive this space is overall. I can feel sheepish about my obsession for green beauty or other wellness things out in the real world with people who aren’t as into it or aren’t into it at all, and I really enjoy having a place to obsess about it without feeling like a weirdo, though I do feel nervous or nuts for posting certain personal things or selfies online. But, I also love to share, so I do it anyway.

3. What has been your biggest struggle with the green beauty and living community?

The pressure of trying to get more followers or to have the biggest, shiniest blog or Instagram account with the most beautiful pictures of the newest and most expensive products. Since the blogging community has become so monetized, I’ve felt a push to try and attract the attention of green beauty brands or score some sort of promotions or deals with them. I’ve had some success with it, but it’s also not all it’s cracked up to be. On the flip side, when you feel like you’re not getting the attention or following that you want, it can kind of suck. Comparison is the thief of joy as they say. I’ve wondered why I don’t have the same size following as other people, and a year ago I spent a lot of fruitless time trying to push my blog or my Instagram in a more business direction before I had to take a step back from that. I started this blog as a hobby that came out of something fun that I really enjoy. I had to remind myself that it isn’t about trying to be more popular or more sparkly to get more people to digitally like you. In fact, the more sparkly I try to be, the less authentic I am (most of the time). So, I’ve been struggling with this idea of a balance between presenting my genuine self along with a nice aesthetic, because I genuinely do love a good Instagram aesthetic. It’s sort of a daily call when thinking up content to find the desired blend of beauty and truth. Anyone else out there know what I mean?

4. What has been your biggest struggle as a blogger?

Staying authentic and putting out quality content that others are interested in that doesn’t look like I just took a weird dark picture of a half-eaten quiche or something like that haha. Even now, my SEO add-on is telling me that this posts’s readability needs improvement. Well, screw you, SEO. I do what I want.

5. What products or activities do you find it the easiest to go green with?

Makeup and skincare are the easiest for me. There is so much information about these types of products online and they’re so accessible now in online shops that it’s simple to know that what you’re buying is the good stuff. The guessing of it has been eliminated.

6. What products or activities do you find it the hardest to go green with?

Household cleaning products, laundry detergent, other real-life things like appliances or wall insulation or pest control. Those are the unsexy things to research, and since the market isn’t that big for them, it’s a lot harder to find reviews or information to make good choices. Otherwise, you stumble upon a lot of sketchy DIY solutions, and who has time to painstakingly investigate all of those? When I first started my blog in college, I had a lot more energy for that type of thing, but I’m 28 now with a job and way too much adulating to deal with, and I just don’t have the time or the desire to donate to finding greener alternatives for those things most of the time. I now settle for scan the supermarket shelf for the one with the greener label and go for it. I’ll take any recommendations!

7. What conventional products do you rely on? Do you wish a greener alternative were more accessible?

I definitely wish an online boutique catering to the home was a thing. (Is it? Am I that out of the loop?) Again, I see a lack with a lot of household cleaners. Does anyone have an effective wood floor cleaner recommendation? Or a dishwasher pod? Oh, also nail polish. I hate it so much when it chips immediately, and I cannot find anything natural to rival getting a gel manicure that lasts for 3+ weeks. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. We are all human, and I don’t think green living means shaming anyone for not attaining some unattainable standard of greenness.  

8. What type of lifestyle or aspects of lifestyle do you find make it more challenging to live greener or healthier?

Overall, aside from accessibility or lack of information, it’s insufficient time and also cost. Eating grassfed meat with organic produce is a big investment, not to mention the $90 organic mask that has to be replaced every two months. I’ve been trying to pare down on products and find those that really work for me and to prioritize food over crazy-expensive skincare or makeup.

Alright, I would love to hear how you feel about these issues in the green living space by answering these eight questions! I’ll call out some folks on Instagram, but anyone is welcome :).