So I figured it was about time that I update my experience with the copper IUD. I have had it for about three months now and I have definitely noticed that my body is getting used to it which is wonderful. I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor here in Nashville a week and a half ago and I was a bit anxious. After my first period on the IUD I had checked for the string that hangs down from the IUD through the cervix and into the upper part of the vagina to make sure that everything was “in place” as I have read many women do on IUD Divas referring to themselves as either a “string checker” or “not a string checker.”

That first time I found my strings just fine. But after my following period – I couldn’t!
Everything else seemed completely normal and I knew my doctor’s appointment was fast approaching so I told myself to stay calm. As my doctor who inserted the IUD informed me as long as I was not experiencing a fever, lots of pain, or something in my vaginal canal or cervix then there was no reason to worry. Finally, I went to my appointment and everything was working like clockwork! Phew! It was just like a pap – she inserted a speculum and took a look around and saw my strings immediately. When I brought up my concern about string checking she told me I did not even have to worry about it and that it was completely unnecessary! Double phew!!! I also discussed using my DivaCup again and she thought it should be fine so I will be back on that for my upcoming period and I am honestly sooo excited. I loathe pads so much now. The Cup has spoiled me 🙂 So all continues to be well with the IUD and I have honestly not regretted it for a moment. I will finish off with a list of all the important info/updates.
CRAMPING: Cramping is still intense on the first two days of my period, but it sort of reminds me of my life/period before the pill. Nothing a girl cannot handle.
FLOW: Definitely heavier than on the pill, but again it just reminds me of my pre-pill period. The first two days are heavy, but then it tapers off. Usually lasts for five-six days.
SEX: I notice sometimes sex in certain positions can be more sensitive in a negative way when my cervix is lower depending where I am in my cycle. It’s just certain positions and when things are not in the slow and gentle phase (excuse my super awkward sex description) that I notice this discomfort, so we just change positions and it is fine! We save them for another week!
STRINGS: Like I mentioned above I do not even have to check my strings anymore.
ACNE/HORMONES: Hormones have been great and I am so pleased! My period came back right away and I am back on a regular 28 day cycle vs the 21 day cycle on the pill. I am still taking my Indole-3-Carbinol and other supplements like fish oil and evening primrose oil and all is good.
So there you have it! Everything is wonderful and I cannot recommend making this switch highly enough 🙂
I will update about it again if anything interesting happens. I will leave you guys with my nails of the moment with Zoya Charisma on my fingers and Lo on my toes.