Today’s post is going to be wellness centered. Like I’ve said before, nutrition and exercise have had a massive impact on the state of my skin. It wasn’t until I cut out things like added sugar and tons of dairy that my breakouts finally went away! After catching sight of this book in the blogosphere along with hearty recommendations and glowing reviews, I was very intrigued. I’ve read my fair share of health-related books but never one that was appearance-centered and there are many out there. Since the talk about this book came from trusted sources, I decided to take the plunge!

The author, Jolene Hart, is described as a beauty and health coach with certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Clearly, we are not in the realm of simple nutritionists and dietitians any more. Alas, I am no stranger to the fringe-lands of health. She has also written for InStyle, People, and Allure to name a few and spearheads the website Beauty Is Wellness.

The thing I liked best about this book was the tone. It’s refreshing to read a “diet book” that celebrates what you can eat rather than droning on with pages full of restrictions. Hart makes a strawberry sound fresh and exciting – almost like a new tube of lipstick! Even though I was aware of most of the beautifying benefits of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, she had a way of making the simple act of eating seem incredibly luxurious and indulgent. In addition, I did find the scientific explanations about the particular vitamins and minerals in each prettying food interesting and helpful. Hart has certainly done her homework and comes off well-informed about her material. Again, I worried this book may be awfully repetitive since I read so much about food and wellness already, but it did bring a fun, fresh perspective to the table.

She begins the book by outlining her philosophy – expanding upon which foods zap our body’s natural ability to glow and offering readers a new way to think about beauty and wellness. She argues that clear skin, glossy hair, and youth are all available at our fingertips in our supermarkets and the kitchen. She goes on to detail her favourite beautifying foods and gives tips for wellness in each season. Along with all this, the book includes recipes! She offers appetizers, dressings, mains, and desserts all chockfull of “eat pretty” ingredients. I’m most excited to whip up a batch of her oatmeal raisin cookie truffles.

All in all, this book isn’t a necessity per say, but, speaking as a person with too many books about health and nutrition, it has been a fun resource for me! I aligned with her philosophy and appreciated her celebration of all the bountiful, fresh eats available. I definitely believe that true beauty starts from within. If you have absolutely no idea where to begin in terms of beauty and food, I highly recommend you give this a shot. It’s a quick read, it’s affordable, and it offers wonderful advice.

Have you had a chance to read Jolene Hart’s new book? Do you “eat pretty”?