I am back from my friend reunion! After a weekend like that I always find it hard to get back into the healthy swing of things. There were more bagels then I’ve eaten in years and then there was wine, and wine, and more wine. The end result? I feel pretty bloated and blah. Plus, once I’ve given in to indulging in crummy food I find it takes me a little bit to adjust back into my clean eating mindset. Hence, this post! Most of you may know this, but I’m a major Tone It Up devotee. Tone It Up is a nutrition/lifestyle plan developed by two awesome ladies and surrounded by an incredibly supportive group of women striving to lead healthy lifestyles! One of the best parts about it is they update their nutrition plan with tons of recipes every few months. They also upload weekly fitness schedules and videos, they are just amazing. And so inspirational! They also developed this Perfect Fit Protein Powder specially for the Tone It Up community and it is the best protein powder ever created. I am not exaggerating.

The protein powder is plant-based, certified organic, gluten free, vegan, gmo-free, and sugar free. It has 15 grams of protein per serving for only 70 calories and it is made of the simplest ingredients.

Does a cleaner protein powder exist? I think not.

Each bag retails for $45 and contains 50 servings. It is a bit pricey, but it is something I make a commitment to afford in my budget. It is vanilla-flavoured and blends well in my opinion. And this stuff isn’t just for smoothies, oh no, the possibilities are endless. Think pancakes, waffles, cookies, muffins – it’s an excellent flour substitute! My favourite is without a doubt the protein pancakes. They are freaking delicious!

Hope you guys enjoyed and look into this protein powder if you have been wanting one with clean and healthy ingredients that adheres to any diet restrictions you may have. I know adding a good amount of protein to my diet is one way I bounce back into my routine after going a bit crazy 😉 Also, please know that I am not affiliated or sponsored by the company at all, I truly love this product. Now I’m going to get my butt into gear with a bike ride and see the movie “The Way Way Back,” later on which looks so cute! Watch the trailer below!

Also I’m about finished the third Game of Thrones book. Is anyone else reading this series? It is seriously crazy in the best way. Love you guys!