I have graduated from undergrad guys!!! Well, only “unofficially.” The real ceremony is not until June, but for all intents and purposes I . Am. Done. Which means I can return to my true love: blogging about green living 🙂 I gift to you a review.

Weleda was the first natural company I was ever introduced to and it helped spark my transformation to natural beauty, cosmetics, healthcare, etc. These babies are actually from Germany complete with German labels which I like a lot. I have since repurchased the Anglo version of the Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash (orange).

I think Weleda is an excellent stepping stone into the world of natural beauty because it is so accessible as it is available in stores like Whole Foods and Target and not a brand one can only find online. 
Their mission statement to cultivate beauty is as follows:

“We do it with Biodynamic® farming methods. We do it by developing fair trade partnerships for a more positive impact on the world. We do it by empowering the individual to make positive change in the world.
And of course we do it with meaningful products that work with your body’s own natural vitality and ability to nurture and heal.

We strongly believe in supporting your health and beauty, and that of every individual. By doing so, we hope each of us will be empowered to cultivate beauty in the world. For ourselves, for our children, and for the children of all the generations to come.”

They are certified by a number of organizations all of which you can view here and state that their products are free of synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, synthetic chemicals, or anything synthetic. They claim to use biodynamic principles to grow all of their ingredients and the ingredients they are unable to grow themselves they purchase from fair trade sources. I find their website to be impressive, but also shiny and processed – it is clear that Weleda has become a large and powerful company. They have not, however, been bought by a large and un-green corporation, but remain owned by a family trust in Germany. Props to them for that!

First, the body wash.


SCENT: Light and Citrus-y with the essential oils of mandarins, oranges, and grapefruits. I love citrus scents!

TEXTURE: Thin and creamy with no real lather.

PACKAGING: Generic body wash squeeze-tube as pictured above, but I absolutely love the bright colour!

PRICE: 1G at $12 for 6.8 fl oz which lasted me almost a year.

GREEN THOUGHTS: This body wash is recommended for “parched and tired skin.”

I really liked this because it left my body feeling clean without leaving it feeling stripped and I do not have particularly dry skin. 

I just find that disturbing my skin’s natural state to the point where I am “squeaky clean” is uncomfortable and the Dr Bronner’s bar soap can leave my body feeling this way. My skin also seems to love sea buckthorn berries! They are full of essential fatty acids, vitamin A (hence their bright orange hue), and vitamin E and Weleda also makes a body oil in the same line as this cleanser which I thoroughly enjoy. It is a gentle, affordable, eco-friendly, great for shaving, and pleasantly scented body wash that I did end up repurchasing because I like it so much. That being said, I am a fickle woman and after finishing my second tube I have decided to order some Moksa Organics bar soaps instead after reading this rave review from figandsage. There is nothing wrong with the Weleda wash, I just felt it was time for something new!

GREEN VERDICT: GGG If you are looking to switch to more natural products Weleda is a great and affordable place to start and is available at your local store!

Next, the scrub.


SCENT: More lemon-y citrus than the body wash. Very fresh.

TEXTURE: Very gentle “Natural plant wax pearls” exfoliants that are not overly harsh in the same thin/lotion consistency of the wash.

PACKAGING: Bright green squeeze-tube – I also adore its bright colour.

PRICE: 1G at $12 for 5.1 fl oz and I have had it since the spring of 2010. Seriously it is like this small tube is never ending. Maybe I just do not exfoliate enough?

GREEN THOUGHTS: I like this. At first, I did not like it. As I mentioned above I was in the beginning of my “naturals” transformation stage and I was extremely suspicious of exfoliation and lotion-type cleansers after being brainwashed by conventional dermatologists for my entire life. I thought all lotion and exfoliation meant ACNE!!! I have since learned better. Exfoliation is not liked or necessary for everyone, and clearly I partake in it rarely, but when I do I find it thoroughly enjoyable. The “wax pearls” in this scrub are extremely gentle and I give myself an exhilarating lymphatic massage when I use it. This combined with the scent and the soft skin it leaves me with make using this product similar to a mini-spa type experience and who does not like that? As I said, I like it

GREEN VERDICT: GGG A scrub is not necessary, but this one is gentle and effective.

Finally, the Citrus Deodorant.


SCENT: Citrus in a tart lemon-y way like the scrub.  I am sensing a scent-pattern in this review…

TEXTURE: A liquid spray

PACKAGING: A very chic glass bottle. It will be so nice to re-use once it is empty!

PRICE: 1G at $13

GREEN THOUGHTS: I bought this about a year ago around the same time I purchased my Lavanila deodorant, I cannot quite remember why, and in the beginning it was rarely used. Now I have about one third of the bottle left and am still using it.

DEODORANT. This and toothpaste I find the be the most difficult products to find in natural beauty. 

I had been using my Pit Putty for a few months when it began to stop completely eliminating my B.O. after a few hours which was HEARTBREAKING. That is when I decided to combine it with this deodorant which helped a lot. Sometimes I would even switch it up and use this deodorant on its own and it was surprisingly effective which I think is due to the alcohol – I do not mind the inclusion of alcohol and find it so effective in a deodorant. It was great for moments when I could smell myself getting funky; all I needed was some spritzes of this stuff and I was back to being fresh as a daisy.

In conclusion, what I have come to find is key when preserving the effectiveness of natural deodorants is to ROTATE. This deodorant has a hard-earned place in my rotation.

GREEN VERDICT: GGG A pretty effective deodorant at an affordable price. Great for de-funkifying when you are in a rush!

Woohoo for this long overdue return to blogging!!! I cannot wait to share a lot more this summer 🙂