Another W3LL People review! Natural mascara has come into its own in the past few years, and several high-end companies have released their attempts at concocting a formula to rival their high-performing, conventional counterparts. Back in the day, mascara was my favourite makeup product. It instantly adds accentuation and flare to the face without leaving it looking too intense or overly made up.

Now, I’ve converted from mascara-obsessed to lip product addicted, and I have let go of high expectations from a natural mascara. Instead, I’ve been satisfied with the lower-key offerings from natural world and refrained from spending a lot of money trying to find a super effective one.


After reading several rave reviews of W3LL People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara, I picked it up at a discount from, but it’s also available at other favourite online shops like Spirit Beauty Lounge. People, I have found an answer to the mascara dilemma. This comes in a chic, white tube and has a plastic, firm bristles. The brush is very reminiscent of the Covergirl Lash Blast one in terms of texture, but the shape of the bristles is more curved than the Lash Blast. It is only available in the black shade , and I think W3LL People could definitely benefit from expanding its colour range; I would love to pick up a brown shade too!


This mascara delivers the drama. It is as lengthening as any other drugstore mascara that I’ve tried. Someone has finally succeeded in getting natural mascara right! I’ve grown so used to a subtler lash that I reserve this one for nights out and special events, unless I want some serious excitement during the day. It isn’t as volumizing as other mascaras, but the length is super impressive and compares to any other, well-known brand. After curling my lashes, I like to wiggle the wand from the base of my lashes to the tips for the best payoff. The formula can clump if you aren’t careful, so I make sure to apply with caution and have a clean wand nearby to combat any issues. Most of the time, however, I have no problem applying this whatsoever.


I’m totally satisfied with the staying power as well. This is not waterproof, but it sticks around all day and doesn’t transfer above or below my eyes. It’s also a thicker formula, so it doesn’t take a long time to dry or drip anywhere. It adheres well to the lashes, and I feel no need to reapply, though it is possible to brush on multiple layers to heighten the mascara’s lengthening powers.


Needless to say, I will definitely be repurchasing this mascara once it’s used up.  Great success, W3LL People. Now, just add some more colours!