I may be super busy at the moment, but I smell great.

I was bummed to fail to snag the last A Night for Green Beauty Goodebox because of one product. The Skin & Bones Luxurious Face + Body + Hair Moisturizer. Thankfully, this community came to the rescue! The awesome Ru from Short, Small, & Sweet kindly offered to give me hers for a fraction of the price.

But let’s start from the beginning. How did I become enamored with this stuff in the first place? I’d first heard about it on Kimberly Loc‘s blog and was immediately intrigued. Oil meant for everything? And a unisex scent? That had been years in the making? In addition to a lip product addict, I should mention that I also have a thing for smells. I used to be a Bath and Bodyworks junkie. Thankfully, those days have past, but my love for a great smelling lotion or potion remains intact. I finally had the chance to sample the skin & bones moisturizer this summer, and I immediately fell in love. At first whiff, I was transported.

It smells like the perfect man. That was my first thought. 

You know that perfect masculine scent of a guy straight out of the shower, freshly shaved, and buttoning up a dress shirt? Or am I alone here? That was my immediate impression of this luxurious oil. It is like the antidote to Axe from the gods! It’s so clean and so fresh. It is the opposite of cloying or overly sweet. I can’t remember smelling anything like it. It’s as if they managed to capture this almost mythological scent and bottle it. My tiny sample vial disappeared quickly, and I spent an unhealthy amount of time sniffing my wrists. The essential oil blend is so balanced. No one note overpowers another. It’s spicy and seductive, but bright and energizing at the same time. It is absolutely divine. And though it has undeniably masculine notes, I find it perfectly suitable for women. It’s not overly masculine. It is clean and crisp. Like a freshly laundered, white blouse. All of which is much appreciated in the disgustingly humid August weather we’re enduring down south.

And the staying power. We in the natural community know that green perfumes don’t tend to linger. Somehow, this does. And not in the bad way. It doesn’t bowl people over when I step into a room but gently hangs around. Even near the end of the workday, I can still catch a pleasant whiff of myself.

Finally, it absorbs easily and leaves the skin silky and smooth. Honestly, the smell is so amazing that I wouldn’t care if the moisturizing performance was subpar. The fact that it’s not seems like an undeserved bonus. I’ve limited the application to my body, I’m too nervous to try it on my face, but it glides on and doesn’t leave me feeling greasy or as if I need to wait for my skin to “dry.” The carrier oil is 100% pure and organic jojoba oil which lends the product its golden colour, and the essential oils are all organic and therapeutic grade. I love that a simple product can be so magical. Exquisite quality jojoba and essential oils are all that’s needed in the hands of the experts.

All in all, it is a scent so unique that it deserves at least a try. I urge you to try it. I implore you to try it. Especially if you have yet to find your signature green scent. I have a myriad of green body oils and lotions, but almost none hold a candle to this one. Samples can be found at BeaTeaBar and many other online green beauty shops! Have you tried this oil? Are you as besotted with the scent as me?

I’ve been so insanely busy with the start of school and teaching, but it feels great to blog again 🙂 In the meantime, excuse me while I shower and slather myself in this…