It’s spring break! Officially! I have the whole week to fill out applications and visit schools. And turn twenty-five. It should be pretty sweet. Or scary?

Either way, it’s time for a review. I’ve been using RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up for a good while now, and I feel ready to recommend it to all of you. This product has earned its star reputation.

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Oh yeah, this stuff is pure.

PACKAGING: Sophisticated, frosted glass jar. I love the packaging of all of her products. They are clean and chic.

Left to right: Un Cover-Up 22 and Un Cover-Up 11

COLOUR: I couldn’t decide on the perfect shade, so I ended up picking up both Un Cover-Up 11 and Un Cover-Up 22. I thought you’d like seeing a color comparison. I know I was going back-and-forth between the two shades, and there’s such a lack of swatches/pictures online for natural products. Hopefully this will help you choose if you’re in the same predicament!

I’ve been using 11 during the winter months, and it’s a good match and brightening. They are both very yellow-based which I like and feel cancels out dark/uneven skin tone well. These concealers/foundations are incredibly pigmented. A mere light swipe of the finger deposits more than enough product to adequately conceal. I think I’ll switch to 22 during the summer months once I’ve gotten my tan on. They’ve added a wider variety of shades in recent years. Now, there are options for fairer and darker skin tones.

TEXTURE: Creamy and oily if that makes sense…mostly creamy. It is so easy to spread and apply. I love that it doesn’t tug on my delicate eye area, and it’s moisturizing. The texture of this product makes me feel like I’m not only applying a concealer, but an extra eye balm as well which I love. It’s like skincare and makeup in one!

SCENT: None really. If you inhale super strongly, some slight coconut oil scent, but pretty much unscented.

PRICE: $$$ at 36.00 Yep, this one’s expensive. Like I mentioned, however, it has crazy amazing pigmentation. I think these pots will last me…well…forever. I’ve used 11 almost everyday for six months, and there’s barely a dent in it!

THOUGHTS: This was one of the last RMS products I tried, and I don’t know why I waited for so long. After my Vapour Organics Concealer ran out, this kind of called out to me. Due to the coconut oil, I haven’t been daring enough to apply this as a full face foundation though I’ve heard from many different places that it’s a fantastic one. In truth, powder foundations seem to suit my face better, and I worry this may be too dewy for me. If your skin can handle the oils though, I say you go for it! The coverage is absolutely wonderful, and dewy is in and gorgeous. Sometimes, this does crease, especially if you’ve been heavy handed. But, it is possible to avoid. I always set it with Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar, and it keeps the product smooth all day for me.

VERDICT: GGGG. I will repurchase this! If I ever have to…

Are any of you taking some time off for spring? Can’t believe the first day of spring is in less than a week!!! Any of you love the “Un” Cover-Up or have another HG concealer?