Hey guys! I’m back with a review of a luxurious product that I really love. These little guys are definitely an indulgence! Things have been going well as summer flies by. My summer job is already finished and real work starts up again in about two weeks :(. Where does the time go? It is so true that as we get older time moves faster and faster. My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our five year anniversary by hitting up some delicious restaurants in Nashville. It’s hard yet easy to believe we have been together for so long if that makes sense. I’m only twenty-four, but people are always asking us when we’re finally going to tie the knot, but I don’t understand the rush! We are both just beginning our careers and lives as adults and I want to experience this and get a handle on it before diving headfirst into the trials, tribulations, and financial commitments that come along with a wedding. So many other people, especially down here, jump blindly into it and I see the misery and stress that’s created. I guess people just can’t help themselves from asking? Either way, we are very happy! Otherwise I’m looking forward to two weeks off before the school year starts up again! I’m still taking class, but it’s not super rigorous and today I’m heading to the east coast to visit my very best friends. We have been friends for ten years! Since our Freshman year of high school, how crazy is that?!?! I moved around a lot growing up and we no longer live near each other so I’m very proud of this fact. It is sure to be a fantastic weekend.

Before I head out, however, I wanted to post this up on the blog for all of you! A review of the
RMS Beauty Lip Shine.

I was reading the fantastic Mindy Kaling book at the time. I love her.

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Yes. The creator of this brand, Rose-Marie Swift, has it on lock down.

PACKAGING: Elegant, frost glass pots with a white metal lid and the RMS logo on the top. Very classy packaging and no plastic to be found!!!

COLOURS: I have three out of the four shades. Can you tell I like them?

Bloom: The perfect and universally flattering pink-nude shade. It is a “your lips, but better” shade on me for sure. For some reason, it feels a bit drying on my lips while the others don’t at all. It really isn’t an issue for me because I usually apply a balm before any lip colour products.

Sacred: It leaves your lips looking as if you just polished off a huge chunk of watermelon. It is a juicy, vibrant pink with hints of berry and red, but all-in-all very pink toned. I adore this colour. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before, natural or otherwise, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. It looks intimidating in the jar, but the intensity is easily controllable. You have to layer the product in order to achieve its full opacity.

Sublime: A bright, almost neon pink. I like this colour a lot and many natural companies have their own version of it. The best part is it does not leave your lips looking frosty-pink or come off as too cheap/barbie-looking if that makes sense. It is extremely wearable while also packing a punch. I think it’s perfectly balanced.

TEXTURE: All are very creamy, but not gunky. They definitely do leave the lips with a shine as the name says, but it is not an overpowering, plasticky type of sheen. All I can think to call it is a classy, demure sort of shine. It won’t leave you looking like an overzealous teenager!

SCENT: These products are fragrance free. The only thing I smell is a neutral sort of “oil” scent if that makes any sense. It is hardly noticeable if at all.

PRICE: $$$ at $25 a pop. This is like the Chanel of the natural beauty world. It is all unrivaled quality, but that comes at a price. This product is definitely a splurge item, but if you can afford it and you really want it, then I think it’s feasible.

THOUGHTS: These products are top notch. They can achieve the full intensity of a lip stick or the subtle hint of a lip tint depending on how much you apply which makes them extremely versatile. Sacred for me is a must-buy because the colour is so unique and gorgeous. Sublime is another hit, but I think there are cheaper and natural alternatives in this same or similar shade. I doubt you could find another company who does it better, however, than RMS. Bloom is probably a pass. I don’t think it’s a necessity for me and there are definitely many cheaper dupes to this shade, like a nice pinky-nude/my-lips-but-better tinted lip balm. But if you can afford all of these shades then by all means don’t hesitate! RMS’ products don’t disappoint and are a safe bet when buying natural products.

FINAL VERDICT: GGGG True love. I doubt I will ever need to repurchase because it feels like these will last forever!!!

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon!