Is eleven too many favourites?

Nah, probably not.

December already! Cannot believe it. Only two and half more weeks before it’s holiday break and I leave my current position to complete my semester of student teaching. November definitely flew by and I found myself reaching for a lot of the same products, but there are some new additions too!

1. Bubble and Bee Body Butta in Sugar and Spice – This stuff is 100% organic and spreads much better than the Coconut and Lime version for some reason, but most of all it smells so freaking good. I’d had my eye on the seasonal scent for a while and finally broke down and bought it during their annual 30% off sale. The season of deals is really killing my wallet! Anyways, it legitimately smells like fresh baked gingerbread cookies topped with thick, rich icing. And it isn’t from Bath & Bodyworks. I don’t know how Stephanie Greenwood does it!

2. Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask – My hair had been super dry and breaking for a while so I was looking for an intense treatment and I thought what better brand to splurge on than Rahua? My favourite way to use this product is as a leave-in/heat protectant when I blow dry  my hair straight. It leaves my hair incredibly silky and healthy. The cost is high, but the product size is pleasantly large.

3. Essence of Vali Love Mist in Passion – This is a wonderful alluring, playful and sensual scent for the colder months. It features ylang ylang, orange zest, patchouli, and ginger. Check out my review here!

4. Thayers Original Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera – I love using this product as a “second cleanser” after the clean dirt, honey, or when I get home after work. I rub it all over my face and remove it with a warm Muslin face cloth. I think it really helps refresh my skin and remove any remaining gunk while still being gentle.

5. DIY dry shampoo – I made this super easy recipe after reading a post from Beauty by Britanie. It was simple and is effective. I love the smell of the cocoa powder!

6. Blissoma Amend Antioxidant Sprayable Lotion – This stuff can be slapped on super quickly, is hydrating, and smells intoxicating and refreshing. I love it! Read my in-depth review here.

7. 100% Pure Mascara Blackberry – I loved the original black tea colour and the blackberry is just as good. It doesn’t dry out, flake, and is a beautiful deep berry hue. Plus, it smells juicy and delicious just like berries!

8. Ilia Beauty Lip Crayon in Dress You Up – Like other bloggers have mentioned, this is a wonderful, polished, my-lips-but-better colour. It’s subtle yet sophisticated and perfect for the season.

9. Ilia Beauty Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights – This is raved about and for good reason. It’s a great colour – not too intense of a red, moisturizing, and seasonal. Check out my in-depth look here.

10. S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Hibiscus Mask – I am a mask fanatic and I love this mask. I was on the fence for a while, but the lavender powder really won me over. The ingredients are so pure and potent and it makes a huge difference in the redness and clarity of my skin. Hibiscus is known as “nature’s botox” and the green clay and lavender do a fantastic job at targeting any blemishes. This stuff is strong – you can tell because it leaves the skin flushed and detoxified. Don’t do it right before an important event! But don’t worry, next day the results are gorgeous and it’s very affordable.

11. Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap – I love Dr. Bronner’s. The peppermint scent is pictured, but my favourites are the baby mild, lavender, and rose. My skin loves them, they last forever, they’re super affordable, and it’s such a wonderful company. Plus, they are so multi-purpose. Where can you go wrong? These are more a consistent staple, not just a monthly favourite.

As for non-beauty favourites, I’ve been reading into the paleo diet and more “traditional” eating which has been interesting. I’ve been loving the Mindy Project and Homeland as per usual, and making desserts!

So, there you have it! I will be back with posts on gift ideas coming up this week and weekend!

Anyone else finished shopping for presents? I did all of mine online and it was liberating. No holiday shopping craziness for me! What were your favourites this month? Anything not yet mentioned out there in the blogosphere?