It’s the last day of my fall break and when I’m on break, I am on break. Have I looked at one thing related to school in the past three days? Absolutely not. I have to go to school today on this technical holiday; however, grading is due by the end of the day tomorrow.

During these lazy stretches, I like to simplify every aspect of my life. I love my honey masks, mud masks, and powdered masks, but they do require a bit of effort to mix up and apply. Sometimes, I am so exhausted by the time I go to sleep that I want something I can just slap on immediately. No assembly required.

I’ve loved and repurchased the ISUN Clarifying Serum several times and was always intrigued by some of their other offerings, especially the Rhassoul-Neem Purifying & Detoxifying Mask. Rhassoul clay is the main clay in The Clean Dirt, which my skin absolutely loves, and I’d always heard great things about neem for its detoxifying properties. Add in some aloe vera, manuka honey, and whole slew of antimicrobial herbs and oils, and you’ve got a powerhouse in a package.

This mask is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It is perfect for those evenings or mornings when I’m totally exhausted but still want to treat my face. The texture is slightly gritty but non-irritating, and the paste dries into a hard consistency like my other traditional masks that require some mixing. The smell is very herbal. I love that I can inhale the detoxifying ingredients in the mask and really feel it tightening and pulling impurities from my skin. It works and is as enjoyable as other purifying masks but so much easier to apply!

Overall, this fit the bill for what I wanted. I don’t think it’s as effective as my absolute favourite, but it’s perfect for those lazy days.

Anyone else get hit by these lazy bouts? Most masks in the natural world are dry powders that require some prep; do any of you ever long for a ready-made product like me? Have you tried this brand?

Happy Monday!