Is that not the most luscious, silky, beautiful looking thing you’ve ever laid eyes upon? I’ve been using May Lindstrom’s The Honey Mud since November, and I thought this was a fantastic time to spread the love for it. In case you’re lucky enough to be in the southern hemisphere, it’s winter! Which means dry and dehydrated skin. Harsh, stripping cleansers are the last thing your skin wants or needs. Now, I’ve always loved honey for my skin, and I’ve also always loved a good clay mask. May Lindstrom, skincare genius, created a product that combines theses star ingredients together. The result? Nothing short of phenomenal.

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Yes. It doesn’t get much purer than May.

PACKAGING: Elegant, chic, and modern dark blue cobalt glass that appears black with gold lettering. It is heavy and very durable feeling.

COLOUR: A rich, milk chocolate. It looks exactly like chocolate pudding, a remark I’ve read repeated often.

SCENT: It’s a spicy, cocoa infusion with deep, earthy hints of frankincense , ylang ylang, vanilla, and others. Those are the scents that immediately jump out to me. It is bewitching and calming. I thoroughly enjoy it, and it reminds me very much of a spa.

TEXTURE: It is creamy, slick, and smooth. It’s like a whipped chocolate honey pudding delight. It is so easy to spread across the skin and it doesn’t tug during application. I like to mix it with manuka honey in order to spread the life of this pricey product for as long as possible.

PRICE: $$$ 80.00. May’s products are many things, but cheap is not one of them. They are definitely a splurge item, but they are so wonderful that you probably won’t need to buy much else in the way of skincare. In addition, May runs one of the most generous companies with which I’m acquainted. She always includes generous samples with all of her orders. With my purchase of the Honey Mud, I received two large samples: the Blue Cocoon and the yet unreleased Jasmine Garden toner. I use both of these products nightly/daily and still have a large amount of the samples left. The Honey Mud itself is sizable and I’m only 1/3 of the way through it.

THOUGHTS: I know it seems somewhat absurd to wax so poetic about a skincare product, but May Lindstrom creates things that are nothing less than exquisite. You can practically feel the love and care poured into every one of her creations. At first, I foolishly feared that the inclusion of oils (macadamia nut oil) in this cleanser would negatively affect my skin, but pushed through this naive assumption and trusted May’s skill. As with all her products, my skin loves this stuff. It is nourishing, but detoxifying at the same time like a clay mask, but without the dry/tight side effects. It is like plain manuka honey pumped up a hundred notches and infused with the most delectable, sensuous, and soothing oils that are an aroma-therapeutic treat! Her products are a luxury that serve as a daily reminder to take care of yourself. I love everything she does. her message, her mission, and her philosophy and will probably do so for the foreseeable future.

VERDICT: GGGG This will definitely be a repurchase.

Any of you have as big of a love affair with this woman as I do? I would love to hear your thoughts. I will be back with a Valentine’s Day makeup look on Thursday!