I’ve been using this perfume Lavanila Perfume in Vanilla Passion Fruit for a few years now and it’s always been one of my favourites. I’m sort of iffy on the complete “green-ness” of this, but I’ve just re-checked the ingredients list and it doesn’t look bad. The only thing that seems questionable is the “botanical fragrance blend.” Either way, it is better than the conventional perfume and I do not wear it everyday.

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: For the most part, but it is not certified organic. It is, however, cruelty free.

PACKAGING: A traditional and sleek glass spray bottle.

SCENT: From the first moment I sniffed this stuff I was hooked. This doesn’t happen too often with me and perfumes. I usually find them too sweet, too strong, or just not good. This perfume is juicy and sexy without being overpowering or “old” smelling for lack of a better word. There are notes of sandalwood, vanilla, peach, and passion fruit. I really love it and find it to be appropriate for all seasons!

TEXTURE: The usual liquid consistency.

COLOUR: Clear.

THOUGHTS: It is definitely one of my favourite natural perfumes. It doesn’t leave me with a headache and it isn’t so strong that anyone who comes near me leaves smelling like it. It’s so hard for me to find a perfume that is a bit sexy without coming off bitter or almost hairspray-smelling or something. Is that just me? This stuff is flirty, juicy, and all around fun, but it does not at all smell immature like a body splash you might pick up at Claire’s or Limited Too, etc. It walks that fine line very well. I love it now just like I loved it from that very first encounter!

FINAL VERDICT: GGG one G off because of the iffiness in terms of this product being natural. I definitely recommend giving this a whiff when you’re in Sephora!

Hope you guys had a great weekend 🙂 The weather here has been uncharacteristically crummy. Other than that, my ankle/foot is still bothering me, but I’m seeing a specialist tomorrow and also doing another week of the Tone It Up 7 Day Slim Down after experiencing such great results the first time around. I’ve definitely had to stick to lighter, leaner fare especially because with my ankle issues I’m not able to get the same amount of cardio exercise as before. Anyways, talk to you guys soon!