Don’t mind the dreary grey backdrop today; I’ve made it to Toronto for the holidays! I’ve arrived loaded down with gifts and too much makeup, so no shock there. I’m thinking of trying out some bolder and redder lips during this season and wanted to share one of my absolute favourites.


In the world of green beauty, Kjaer Weis is the most luxurious offering. Of course, I was unable to resist their Cream Blush Compact or Lip Tint Compacts. Many people balk at the price tag, including yours truly, but this brand provides a quality product that merits the sticker shock. First off, I dare you to find more exquisite packaging. Not only is it beautiful, but all of Kjaer Weis‘s packaging is refillable, like this Lip Tint Refill, and reduces waste. It’s a sophisticated, mirrored metal that slides open effortlessly; the red, textured box it comes in is also so pretty that I haven’t been able to part with it! However, if you want to reduce the price for the product, you can forego the compact altogether and save yourself about twenty bucks. I love that the packaging is a one-time purchase and once I’ve worked through this, all I have to do is pick up a refill.


Next, these lip tints are the longest lasting of any green beauty lip product that I’ve tried. Even when you apply just a stain of this, it lasts almost all day! I can eat, drink, etc. and this stuff does a great job at staying! Definitely super impressed by this and not expecting it at all. Finally, onto the best part, Goddess may be my favourite red shade ever. It looks intimidating and vampy in its gorgeous packaging, but it’s one of the prettiest red and berry shades on the market! I think it’s very flattering on cooler skin tones and reminds me of Ilia Beauty’s Arabian Knights, but even better if that’s possible.


I’ll apply using my finger, or a lip brush if I’m feeling fancy, and work in the desired opacity. Like so many green products, this product makes it easy to control intensity. I can spread on a wash of colour or a full blown, bold lip.


All in all, I will be wearing this in the next week! Maybe more than once. I really think Kjaer Weis is worth the plunge, especially if you’re looking to experience the epitome of opulence in the natural world. Have you ever tried these pricey products? Do you have a favourite red lip you’ll be sporting for the holidays? Let me know in the comments!