I am currently jamming to “Escapade,” by Janet Jackson while I write this. I don’t know if it’s the fun, luxurious aspects of these products that are making me perky in the middle of January, but suddenly I feel ready for the sun-drenched, long days of summer. Or maybe I’m craving a tropical vacation?

This week has been crazy guys! I started student teaching after receiving my placement at the eleventh hour, and it’s going so well. Yes, I’ve still got far too many assignments to begin…but somehow I don’t feel too worried. Have I mentioned it’s also unpaid? #NoBuyJanuary has truly come at the most opportune time.

I know you’ve all heard about Ilia Beauty and their wonderful  lip products ad nauseam, but I’ve got to add my positive review to the pile. Today, I’m reviewing their Tinted Lip Conditioner and Lipstick. Read on and enjoy!

GREEN JUICE APPROVED: Yes! Ilia’s website claims their products are formulated using the purest possible ingredients and with an ethical-sustainable approached. Every product is filled with up to 85% bioactive organic ingredients. The fact that they’re sold on spiritbeautylounge is another factor making me feel safe about using these products. I trust her judgement!

PACKAGING: Modern, heavy and unique. I’ve never encountered a lipstick tube quite like this. It’s so sleek and alluring. It feels durable, but in a luxurious way. It’s metal, but matte. It’s chic and not garish. It is difficult to capture it in words, but I just love it.

COLOURS: I am lucky enough to own the Lip Conditioners in Arabian Knights, Dizzy, and Bang Bang. I own the Lipstick in Perfect Day. They offer a wide variety of shades for every colouring, and there are a pretty good selection of swatches online now. I’ve swatched these below. Arabian Knights is a pink, berry hue. Dizzy is the perfect orange, melon, peach colour and Bang Bang is a red that can be worn by anyone. Perfect Day is a summer/fall red and coral colour that pops. The Lip Conditioners are initially less pigmented than the Lipstick, but opacity can be achieved easily enough through increased application.

Top to bottom: Arabian Knights, Dizzy, Perfect Day, Bang Bang.

SCENT: Something sweet…I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but I think it’s vanilla. It is not overpowering at all. Sweet, but not cloying.

TEXTURE: The Lip Conditioners are definitely more balmy and creamy than the Lipstick, but both provide a great amount of moisture. Neither leave my lips dry. The Lip Conditioners have more of a sheen while the Lipstick applies fairly matte.

PRICE: $$$ 26.00 These are decidedly a splurge item. They rival the likes of Chanel in the conventional beauty world. You are definitely investing in a luxury product.

THOUGHTS: I resisted these for a while, but then one day, it became futile. I love lip products and after “going green” I missed lipstick! Ilia came to my attention, and the attention of countless others, and seemed like the perfect solution. I eventually used the Amazon gift card I’d been saving to splurge on my first two sometime in the last two years and I was hooked. They are the perfect lipstick! You will hardly notice a difference from your beloved Chanel or Mac counterparts. Yes, they don’t have the same wear time, but that just means you get to whip the tube out more often and reapply which is kind of the point isn’t it? I’m a loyal customer, and if you checked out my last post about my wishlist you know I want to pick up another Lip Conditioner in Nobody’s Baby this year.

Swatched: Bang Bang, Perfect Day, Dizzy, Arabian Knights

VERDICT: GGGG These are the lipsticks guys. End of discussion.

What’s your favourite shade or Ilia product?

I’ll be back with my late #NoBuyJanuary post tomorrow!