I haven’t had enough time to blog and it makes me sad. :(. BUT I am posting now and it feels wonderful! I’m also on my second week of attempting a “clear skin diet.” It basically means I am eating 1) no gluten 2) no sugar 3) no dairy and 4) no vegetable oils. I’m also taking zinc, vitamin d, and fish oil supplements in higher doses. I’ve been staying away, or moving towards eliminating, from dairy and sugar for a while now so that wasn’t too great a shift, but I’ve never avoided gluten or really felt I’ve had an issue with it. So far, the diet has seemed to improve my skin, but this could also be the result of other extenuating factors. I’m taking a supplement to aid with hormones and I’m using new products like May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver along with Pai Muslin Cloths. Also, I’m currently at the point in my monthly cycle when my skin is at its best. The whole diet is meant to last 90 days so we’ll see how it all turns out in the end! I’ve kind of mucked it up this weekend and eaten things on the no-no list and my skin has become more irritated and erupted in new spots…but again this could just be coincidence. I’m gonna keep on sticking to it though and I will do my best to refrain from cheating. Anyone else notice the most improvements in their skin from this type of diet? I really do feel there is a connection between my breakouts and dairy and sugar, but I’m still not sold on the gluten thing. It’s pretty hard to follow though – you have to be organized and prepared with acceptable snacks and I am not always either of those things. Anyways, those are some exciting green beauty things taking place in my world at the moment. I’d be very interested in hearing any advice!

This post has been stewing in my drafts for a while now and I’m glad to get it up. I got this perfume a few months back right in time for spring/summer after loving the sample. I definitely recommend testing it out/purchasing a sample first because it is a unique scent. I’ve sampled all three perfumes from the Honore des Pres I Love NY collection and this one is the star. It’s like nothing I’ve ever smelled before. I’ve  heard it described as the essence of a weekend morning at the farmer’s market as you pass by the juice bar and the smell of freshly-juiced carrots hits you. It is bright, fresh, and a bit spicy. I’m not great at describing scents, but I would say it’s a combo of citrus, the zest of carrots, vanilla, and green-ness/freshly cut grass.

The bottle is pretty darn gorgeous too. I couldn’t resist a gratuitous photo shoot of it. I also like the packaging of the coffee cup the bottle comes in (I’ve already recycled it). It’s cute and clever.

This is definitely a splurge/luxe item as it retails for a cool $98, but it is definitely one of my fave natural perfumes. My others? The Essence of Vali Eau de Parfum and Tsi-La Fiori d’Arancio. The staying power, as with other natural perfumes, isn’t comparable to its conventional counterparts, but I really don’t mind that. I just reapply and this stuff never gives me a headache!!!

If you’re looking to spoil yourself or need a gift idea for that special someone, I definitely recommend this! Just be sure to sample it first. It’s definitely a luxurious staple for me 🙂

Anyone else tried and enjoyed this perfume? Or not?

One last note, I am down to the last swipes of my beloved Vapour Illusionist Concealer so I’m in the market for something new. I purchased Silk Naturals Sleep in a Jar in Light Peach and also samples of RMS “Un” Cover Up in 11 and 22 because I think the RMS will last longer than the Vapour. Any other concealer recommendations out there?

Missed you guys! And jealous of all my fellow bloggers that were in NYC for a #ANightForGreenBeauty last week. The pictures are beautiful and it sounded awesome. Let’s do it again! I want to come!!!