If only reality was like this picture. (Well, I guess it was at one point. Two weeks ago.) Today it’s gloomy and the weather down south has been downright chilly. I can’t believe Thanksgiving will be here in less than two weeks! I don’t know if my body is quite ready for that onslaught of deliciousness. Yes, the official kick-off of the holiday season is upon us and it’s an exciting, but somewhat stressful time of year. There’s family to worry about, shorter days which can be a real downer, and it’s also expensive. One of the ways I’ve come to love dealing with stress through green beauty is with scent. I’ve always been a sucker for yummy-smelling lotions and potions, back from my days trolling the 3-for-1 deals at Bath and Body Works (eek) and I have been so thrilled to discover a devotion to healthful and healthy scents in eco-friendly products too! Except, green beauty creators base their aromas on the science of aromatherapy. Who knew science could smell so darn good?

My collection of mood mists.

I picked up these Botanical Mists from the company Essence of Vali a while ago during a Friday deal from nomoredirtylooks and it’s high time I posted a review. Especially because their eau de parfum is my all-time favourite scent!

First, I wanted to discuss the citrus/uplifting/energizing scents. Yes these are all green juice approved. They’re composed of distilled water, selected essential oils, and sometimes other aromatherapy goodies like bergamot peel or spruce needles. All the mists are packaged in indigo tinted, 2 fl oz, plastic spray bottles. I store them underneath my sink in a spot that’s both dry and dark. They are colourless.

Detox is recommended for “Relieving fatigue and easing some of the effects of jet lag.” Excuse me while I spritz this all over myself right now. I definitely get that sharp, awaking acid of the lemon and grapefruit, but a piney/woodsy wash of cypress and juniper berries as well. It smells the most…medicinal of the bunch? But in a way that makes you feel like it really works. A sniff is akin to a jolt of energy. I’ve never used this to counteract jet lag, but I reach for it when I’m feeling overwhelmed or gross – like I need a do-over. Grapefruit & lemon peel, cypress leaves & juniper berries.

Uplift is fruity and floral. And a bit juicy. I realize I use that word a lot too much to describe smells. I hope it makes sense? “Cheerful essences lift your mood to ease those blues and blahs we all experience from time to time.” It is a light and feminine scent which is quite delightful. And playful. I think more full blown citrus scents like the next one are more effective for lifting my spirits, but I like uplift. Lavender flowers, spruce needles, bergamot peel & litsea cubeba.

Refresh is zingy, tangy citrus through-and-through. “Experience the uplifting and refreshing essences of citrus zest.” If you are a lover of citrus, you are going to adore this mist. I love it for a quick all-over hit when I need a little something to perk my up. It’s like being engulfed in a clean, crisp hug. Lemon, orange, & grapefruit peel.

Now, we move onto the calming, deeper, sexier scents.

Their most well-known product is definitely sleep. They have an entire gift set dedicated to the scent-combo that is credited for curing insomnia by many reviewers, but the description of calm just appealed more to me. Maybe it’s the inclusion of orange? I’ve got a real thing for citrus if you can’t tell. Lavender is predominant and this mist comes off deep and floral. I love putting it all over my pillow and sinking my face into it while getting into bed. “Ease the tension and stress of everyday life.” I don’t know if this is a cure for sleeping difficulties, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. A deep inhale of it combined with a good bed time routine definitely puts me at ease. Lavender flowers, orange peel, & ylang/ylang petals.

Balance was my favourite mist of the bunch upon first purchase, mainly because I was greatly seeking balance at the time. And my hormones have always been fierce. Plus, I adore the scent of geranium and clary sage and had read of their purported benefits for easing hormonal issues. I loved dousing myself in this stuff whenever I was having a rough day to help myself re-center. I know that sounds kind of new-agey, but I do feel like scent really can affect/change/heighten moods. A familiar scent can flash me back to a memory immediately. It’s powerful stuff! “Balancing essences restore a sense of peace and well being and ease symptoms related to hormonal fluctuations.” I think it works. Lavender flowers, grapefruit peel, clary sage, & geranium leaves.

Passion was not love at first smell. Now, I cannot figure out what initially turned me off because I love it. It’s alluring, sweet, floral, full-bodied, and zesty. “Enhances romantic moments as passion and sensuality are awakened.” Now, I’ve never personally incorporated this mist into romantic situations so I cannot attest to the truth of the description. I tend to put it on when I’m feeling particularly feisty to complement my mood. I really like this stuff. It’s got bite and sass. If that’s possible? Orange zest, ylang/ylang petals, patchouli leaves, & ginger root.

Eau de Parfum & Body Oil. Unfff I could just sniff this stuff all day like crack, I’m serious. It’s sooo good and so up my alley in terms of smell. Hands down, it smells better than anything else I’ve ever smelled – natural or otherwise. The only thing that might compare is the Tata Harper Body Oil. It’s more sophisticated than the mists and reads like a true, artisan perfume. It’s perfectly balanced, lush, feminine, and yes juicy.  Valerie Bennis, the lovely creator of the brand, calls it her masterpiece blend and it’s not hard to figure out why. “Warm floral, slightly citrus, earthy and sensual and uplifting at the same time.” How can you beat that? Essential oils of lavender, rosewood, cedarwood, patchouli, palmaroa, geranium, litsea cubeba, and clove in base of corn alcohol and water.

All in all, Essence of Vali products are very affordable and an excellent introduction to the world of green beauty scents and aromatherapy. It saves you the expense of having to purchase your own essential oils and figure out effective mixtures yourself. The bottles last a long time, but they’re small enough for traveling. And if you’re looking for a new signature scent/are intrigued by the description of the perfume – GET IT! Or at least get a sample. It’s so, darn good.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know what you think!