In my 14 favourites of 2014 post, I mentioned a skincare item that has really made a difference in the clarity and brightness of my skin. Thanks to another awesome nomoredirtylooks, I asked for this as a gift and have been using it for a year now.

IMG_3048The Gentle Solution from Arcona is a treatment meant to repair the visible signs of sun damage and to resurface the skin while asleep. A gentle glycolactolymer agent in the product makes pores appear smoother and also decongests the area. I’ve definitely noticed a big difference in my skin since incorporating this into my routine. It helps keep my skin clear and bright.

It’s a clear, liquid product with a texture somewhere between a gel and a serum. It is not viscous, but it also does not leave the skin feeling sticky or tacky. The scent is hard to pin down; it’s almost fruity – like a cranberry – but it does not linger whatsoever. I only need one pump for full application over my face and décolletage. I smooth it on every other night over my toner of choice for that day. It is gentle, but not gentle to use every single night. It settles into the skin immediately and does not leave it tingly, red, or irritated.

The Gentle Solution is a moderately priced skincare serum at $50, but keep in mind that I’ve been using it for a full year and am still on my first bottle.

I think it’s the perfect serum for lightly resurfacing the skin overnight as an at-home treatment. It doesn’t clog pores and if anything, it has become instrumental in keeping my skin clear. I am so happy to have discovered a product that combats acne and leaves the skin smooth, bright, and moisturized with such minimal effort. All that’s required is to slap it on 3-4 times a week.


Arcona has definitely made a loyal customer out of me. Next, I am planning on picking up the Magic White Ice hydrator and Chamomile Balm. And of course, I will definitely repurchase this serum. You can pick it up on Arcona‘s website and other beauty websites.

Have you had a chance to try Arcona? I highly recommend giving this skincare brand a shot!