No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get rid of discoloration around my eyes. Concealer has become a must to help me look awake and healthy, but I find concealer to be a finicky makeup product to get right. The colour, consistency, and opacity have to be just right to make it truly work. I’ve tried a lot of natural offerings, so here is a comparison of some of the most popular and my thoughts on the best.

RMS Un Cover-Up in 11 – I’ve been using this one, and shade 22 in the summer, for a while now. I have another post comparing the shades here. The opacity is awesome, and I love the texture. Yes, it can sometimes crease, but I keep an eye on it during the day, and the creasing isn’t so bad if it does happen. I’ve used this for years and really love it. It’s my go-to when my under eye circles were especially bad.

Honest Beauty Concealer in Vanishing Vanilla – I like that this concealer comes with two different shades. This helps overcome the shade matching problem and gives you the freedom to mix and match to achieve the perfect, brightening hue for your skin tone. It also comes with a lot of product and has really nice, mirrored packaging. The downsides are that texture isn’t as soft as the others, and it creases the most. It’s the best for color matching, though.

Studio 78 Concealer – I really like this concealer too! There is so much product in the pot, the texture is very soft, and the coverage is impressive. It’s the lightest shade available in the range, but I think it will work best for me during the summer months because it’s a tad darker than the Un Cover-Up in 11. I really like the texture of this one, and that there’s so much of it.

Gabriel Organics Concealer in Light – This is my go-to for no crease application on days when I don’t need heavy coverage. I simply dab the doe foot applicator on booth under eyes and blend. It adds just enough coverage, and it doesn’t sink into fine lines. It’s a winner!




My overall favourite is definitely the RMS Un Cover-Up. It covers the worst bad circles, and it has an amazing, moisturizing texture. The Studio 78 is a pretty good dupe for it and will work well for warmer skin tones. My other pick would be the Gabriel Cosmetics because I use it for a different purpose and look.

Did I miss one of your favourites? Let me know!