Nashville is officially in the warm embrace of spring! It’s sunny, blooming, and full of a revitalized energy, and I cannot get enough. The kids are beginning to lose it as summer vacation sails ever closer, and I am combatting my own teacher brand of senioritis on a day-to-day basis. But, the weather soothes the minor complaints that I may have.

To match the vivacity of the world around me, it’s time to step up the lipstick game. These are my current favourites for sporting a bold and bright spring lip!


RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sacred Shine is a full opacity colour that is a vibrant blend of pink and red. It makes the lips look as if you’ve just taken a big bite of ripe, juicy watermelon. It has a lot of slip and a glossier texture than the other colours, and that means it requires a bit more reapplication. I love this stuff because the colour is unique and so incredibly brightening. It is irresistible, playful, and and the perfect degree of bold.


Ilia Beauty released the Lip Conditioner in Jump last spring or summer, and I immediately snatched it up. Anything described as a magenta with blue undertones is a winner in my book. Since this is a lip conditioner formulation, it is less pigmented than the others, but that just means you need to apply more layers to reach the desired opacity. It isn’t a neon pink; it’s a daytime-friendly bright shade. The blue and violet undertones also awaken the complexion.


Another recent release from Ilia Beauty is the Lipstick in Around the World. It may look muted and mauve in the tube, but this is a fun purple and pinky shade that I cannot get enough of. With my fairer skin and green eyes, this shade is the perfect complement. It is super flattering! Also, it’s just the right amount of bold; it can be worn during day or nighttime. It won’t overwhelm heavy eye makeup, and it can be worn with a relatively natural face. It has definitely become a go-to shade for those blah days and perfect for this time of year.


Aroma Beauty Lipstick in Azalea is the newest addition to my lipstick collection that I got for my birthday. It is awesome, the perfect neon pink shade. It’s the exact shade of Ilia’s Neon Angel with a friendlier price tag. It isn’t as moisturizing as Red Apple Lipsticks, but a texture on par with Ilia Beauty Lipstick. I like to wear some sort of lip balm beneath the lipstick formulas. Anyways, this is the shade for spring or summer. It is bold, brightening, and so fun! I highly recommend checking out Aromi Beauty lipsticks and its Matte Liquid Lipstick offerings. Both are amazing with a huge colour selection.


Here are all four swatched for comparison purposes: Jump, Around the World, Azalea, and Sacred.


What bright colours are you dusting off for springtime? See any favourites above? I would love to hear from others who have tried Aromi Beauty and your thoughts on the brand!