Hope you’re enjoying a weekend full of sales, the online kind that is. You won’t find me braving the long lines of Black Friday goers. I definitely indulged from the comfort of my home in the savings and shopping. There are so many good deals right now that are just impossible for someone like me to resist.

One product I’d been eyeing for a while was the Bite Beauty Multisticks. I really like the Bite lipsticks; they are high quality with decent ingredients. Contrary to some people’s clean beauty standards, Bite products contain dyes rather than natural pigmentation, but I’m okay with dyes.

So, the multisticks are a thing because they’re marketed to be used not only on the lips but on the eyes and cheeks, too. Of course, you could always use your one-use designated cream blush or lipstick the same way, so the idea isn’t particularly novel, but I was drawn in by the range of shades

In contrast to the Bite lipsticks, the texture is less emollient and the top of the product isn’t angled, which can make it a bit difficult to use the sticks on the lips. Other than that, they’re identical in performance and quality. They both come in matte black packaging, but the multisticks have a fancy magnetic closure.


After scouring online swatches, I settled on picking up three. Macaroon, my favourite shade of the three, is a beautiful, universally flattering pink. I love it for cheeks and lips equally. Mascarpone is less pink and more nude/almost coral. It also works on the eyes. I really like this shade too, but I don’t find it as universally flattering. Finally, I chose a darker shade for me, Biscotti. It’s a very Kylie Jenner-esque shade, and I like it better on the lips than on the cheeks. I have to be careful using these kinds of shades on my cheeks; a bad application can leave me looking like a zombie.


They are long-wearing and set matte on the skin but aren’t drying. The pigmentation is intense, and I have to use a light hand during application.

Overall, I’m impressed with the product and would recommend trying Macaroon as your best bet shade-wise. Another great product from Bite!

Have you given the multisticks a try? Thoughts?