A final new lipstick post to commemorate the shift to a more minimalist era. These are (hopefully) the last superfluous makeup items I’ll be buying for a while, and I picked them up at the end of October. Since I do really like them, I wanted to review them.

The texture and opacity of Bite lipsticks are always amazing. They aren’t the most squeaky clean lipstick option out there, but they are much better than the worst, toxic offender. As you’ll see in the swatches below, I get full opacity with one swipe from these.  They are definitely not a tinted lip balm in terms of colour payoff.

While this opacity can be a good thing, it also makes it difficult to control the amount of coverage you’re going for like if you only want a hint of colour or a lip stain situation. This is a very small note. Applying the lipstick with a lip brush would help to circumvent the issue.

Unlike some other natural brands, the texture of the Amuse Bouche is not drying at all. The formula is very moisturizing and sets in a balm-like finish. It’s not glossy or matte, though it leans more toward matte than glossy.

The main reason I love Bite is for the range of shades. And, this line has an insane range of shades: grey, green, blue. I, on the other hand, am basic and a sucker for all things in the cool pink and purple range. Despite the greens and blues, the rest of the Amuse Bouche colours did not disappoint. I have Jam, Eggplant, Gin Fizz, and Sorbet (pictured below from left to right). Also, I do think the food names are cute, though they don’t always correspond with the actual colour of the product.

If you’re just starting to go green with your makeup, I would highly recommend giving Bite Beauty lip products a try. They’re easily accessible and very high quality and have amazing colour options that you can’t find with Ilia Beauty or RMS.

Have you tried the Amuse Bouche line? What do you think?