I’m pretty familiar with a lot of green brands and been fortunate enough to try a lot, but I got a chance to try even more this year and added more favourites to my list. It’s amazing how many great brands are out there and new ones keep getting introduced. Here’s an overview of what I discovered and loved in 2015.

Josh Rosebrook – I’d heard so much about this brand for a long time, and I finally got my hands on it in 2015. Honestly, I was shocked by how much I loved some of his products. The Hydrating Accelerator is my new favourite toner. It’s affordable, the packaging and mist it creates is incomparable, and it smells wonderful. I think it’s a must-have! In addition, I picked up the Cacao Antioxidant Mask and Active Enzyme Exfoliator masks. I thought I would prefer the Exfoliator, but the Cacao mask is out of this world. It’s my favourite skincare product from 2015, and it feels like it works wonders on all aspects of skincare. It moisturizes, smoothes, and somehow gets rid of any breakouts all at the same time. How do you do this, Josh?! I am in awe!

Kari Gran – I’m obsessed with lip things and have tried an absurd amount of lip balm. It’s hard to make a blip on my lip balm radar. Well, the Lip Whip balm has taken over. It’s super moisturizing, and you get a ton of it in the tiny, glass jar. It’s simply the best. I love it! There are even tinted versions too.

Aromi Beauty – I loved ALL LIP COLOR STUFF I picked up from Aromi this year. It has excellent lipsticks and matte lip colour. They’re long lasting, affordable, and have an awesome colour selection. Check out my post on the Matte Liquid Lipsticks here!

Bite Beauty – Another company I tried and loved this year. Their holiday lip colour sets are AWESOME. The Matte Creme Lip Crayon was my favourite for its moisturizing formula, colour selection, and price point.

Tata Harper – Clearly, I love the Tata Harper masks, but she’s got some seriously potent skincare too. I’ve tried a lot of pricey, natural moisturizers and none left me with a super big wow factor. Even a certain blue-tinted one. I received a sample of the Replenishing Nutrient Complex and would slap it on to use it up thinking nothing much of it, but it’s awesome. It’s this gorgeous, orange-toned oil, and I notice a visible, brightening, and plumping difference when I use it, especially on the fine lines developing on my forehead. I tried to extend the life of this for as long as humanly possible and always pick up more samples when available. I’m planning to pick up a full size this year!

Deep SteepVitacost and Deep Steep were my jams in 2015. If you’d be interested in a post about my Vitacost staple products, let me know. Deep Steep is so affordable and fulfills the lack of Bath and Body Works in my life. Its lotions and hand soaps are staples and smell so good. I could live in the Honeydew Spearmint scent, and I don’t even like honeydew melon. I also love the Grapefruit Bergamot scent.

Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Bath Wash Cloth – I’m a big exfoliator, and I loved discovering this cheap and effective way to scrub down my whole body. It works better than a product, and I can pair it with any soap I choose. Their durable and really get the job done.

Z Palette – This is the perfect, affordable palette for storing my Kjaer Weis refills. The magnets are perfect and the medium size palette isn’t too big for travel. It’s a great way to customize all of your makeup needs.

Curling Wand – Clearly, loose waves are super in right now. I’d been curling my hair on occasion with my straightener, but it just wasn’t giving me the payoff I wanted. Whenever I use this wand, I always get compliments. I’ve even been told my hair looks professionally done! I’m a pretty big failure at things hair-related, so that’s a huge product-validation for me. In addition, this wand reaches maximum temperature in two minutes and creates waves QUICKLY.

SFH Pure Whey Protein – There are a lot of protein powders full of junk out there. I love this protein because it tastes good (even the vanilla flavour), the whey comes from grassfed dairy, and it has a very low sugar content. Protein is so important for rebuilding muscle and keeping you feeling satiated. Love it!

Vitamix – This kitchen tool was on my wishlist for years. I finally splurged, and we’re coming up on the one year mark of our beautiful relationship. This truly changed my cooking and eating, and I knew it would. Nothing else compares. I know this will likely twist the knife deeper if you’re drooling over a Vitamix blender, but it’s so worth it. Legitimately, I use this every single day. EVERY DAY! Save up and get it because you won’t regret it.

What products did you try and love this year? Are there other brands I need to test out and discover? I’m planning on posting my 2016 wish list soon. Hope you’re having a great weekend and staying SAFE if you’ve been hit by a blast of winter weather like me!