Being super into makeup, skincare, and beauty in general, I have accumulated a lot of stuff. And, this stuff gets to me. Coming home to clutter or devoting a weekend morning to cleaning up this clutter is infuriating and nonsensical in so many ways. I know this. I’ve always known this. When I see people waste money paying to have unused rooms cleaned or buying bobbles and decor to fill up a space, I scoff. I can resist this type of temptation. And yet, I clearly have my own consumerism weaknesses that I never quite got around to addressing.

Stuff doesn’t make me happy. When I sit and ponder what I want out of my life, a new lipstick is never the answer. If it were, clearly I should feel fulfilled and overjoyed all of the time. It’s an ironic cycle. I read blogs, covet new products, buy new products to fulfill a need, and the need isn’t truly fulfilled. So, I’ve been thinking about this whole minimalism thing for a while. It’s been calling to me for years. I’ve just never done it, until now.

I’m going minimalist, guys! This weekend officially, I’ve taken the first steps to declutter my physical possessions, and already it has felt great. My bathroom has transformed from an overstuffed mess to a sanctuary. I can’t get enough of it! It’s clean, stream-lined, and soothing. It’s what I’ve always wanted, and it feels so empowering to make a positive change and make it happen.


What’s also awesome? Being a minimalist goes hand in hand with being green and environmentally conscious. Consumerism is one of the largest contributors to the creation of chemical-laden, toxic trash. We buy the next big thing, we don’t like it/we forget about it under a mountain of other stuff, and then we buy the next big thing. Not to mention all the boxing and packaging that goes immediately into the garbage. I want to finally put an end to this cycle in my own life.

So, maybe you want to become a minimalist too? Or dip your toe into this lifestyle? Try following these tiny steps. I am not putting pressure on myself to get through my entire apartment by a certain deadline. A thorough clean, while remaining sane, could take months. Remember, it took a long time to accumulate all of this stuff. Keep this in mind as you work to clear it out.

  1. Choose a cluttered area of your space that drives you insane. Make sure that it’s a tiny area. Don’t get too ambitious. It could leave you overwhelmed and disheartened if you can’t get it all cleared out in one go.
  2. Start to sort through your selected space. Organize your stuff into the following categories: Keep, Throw Away, Donate, Sell, Unsure.
  3. Keep – pretty self-explanatory. You aren’t parting ways with this stuff anytime soon.
  4. Throw Away – it’s broken, you didn’t remember you had it, you would never repurchase it in a store today, you don’t want it and nobody else will either.
  5. Donate – you can’t sell it, but somebody else may want it. Keep this to share with family and friends before sending it on to Goodwill or other similar organization.
  6. Sell – did you know you have books taking up space, collecting dust, books you haven’t touched in years, that you could resell for money? That the unused iHome sitting on your nightstand could earn you something on Craigslist? For me, this was a revolutionary and exciting idea. Less stress and clutter plus extra cash? Yes!
  7. Unsure – you just can’t let it go…yet. Keep this box hidden in a closet for three months. All the stuff left inside that you haven’t reached for or missed, time to sell or donate it!

In a nutshell, minimalism is about happiness. Starting with the physical, why choose to be encumbered by stuff that provokes feelings of guilt or frustration? It’s not about only living with 100 things or any other benchmark, it’s about clearing out the clutter to leave behind only the things that truly matter, to open up space to be filled with these meaningful pursuits. For me, that means time with friends and family, travel, and experiences. That is what truly fulfills me.

Now, even after my bathroom cleansing, I still have beloved products that I want to discuss and share on the blog. I’ll just be making far fewer, if any, purchases of new and unnecessary things. That means I’ll only be sharing the very best in green beauty (as well as my journey this year in finding happiness and pursuing a greener, smaller lifestyle). Thank you so much for reading and coming along with me on a new journey that can kind of feel like the antithesis of being a beauty blogger. I’m excited to go forward and curate a life full of meaning and fulfillment.

Curious about this type of lifestyle? Let me know in the comments!